16 Runaway Pumpkins!

Good afternoon Tzeeporim family and friends!

Last week was short, but sweet. We continued exploring the letter L, and the number 13. We enjoyed discussing the fall season and learning so many new facts about pumpkins.

During story time, we read the book 16 Runaway Pumpkins by Dianne Ochiltree. It was a very engaging story about a wagon full of pumpkins that fall out of a wagon, roll away, and then end up on a grandpa’s kitchen floor. The main character and his grandpa then use the pumpkins to make pumpkin pie.


We then used some of the important vocabulary words in the story to practice spelling. We took turns spelling the words pumpkin, vine, and orange.

20161027_085155 20161027_105125

As an emergent reading activity, we created our own independent reading books about pumpkins, and put them in the classroom library to read.

img_6657 img_6658

20161027_114649 20161027_105704

We had great discussions about pumpkins last week, and students had fun sharing their prior knowledge. We wrote down their experiences with pumpkins on the board, and then students had the opportunity to write in their journals.

img_6627 img_6628 img_6629 img_6630

We use our circle time to work on many math concepts with both our calendar and 100 days chart. We count the number of days we have been in school each day, and we make predictions about what number will come next. We also work on patterns with our calendar and 100 days chart as well. We try to determine what color card will come next.


We practiced tracing and writing the number 13, which was our number of the week. We also practiced one to one correspondence by counting the watermelons on our activity sheet.


Our math vocabulary terms last week were more than and less than. We compared and contrasted different groups of pumpkins to determine which group had more and which group had less.

img_6653 img_6655

We also worked in small groups on similar math concepts as well. We each received a different number of green leaves to paste to a vine. We determined which classmates had more leaves on their vines, and which classmates had less leaves on their vines.


We created our own orange pumpkins using paint and glitter.

img_6699 img_6700 img_6701 img_6702

We continued to have fun on the playground with the new scarecrow station that Ms. Amanda set up for us.

img_6624 img_6674

We really enjoyed the gorgeous fall weather outside. Playing together outside was been so much fun this month! We dug, we climbed, we ran, we slid, we enjoyed swinging, and sometimes, we even had to take our “car” into the shop to get new springs.

20161027_102315 20161027_102353 20161027_102405 20161027_102547 20161027_102623 20161027_102626 20161027_102657 img_666420161027_102214

Both Tzeeporim classes enjoyed Jewish Studies together last week. Morah Rachel and Morah Miriam reminded us that on Simchat Torah, we finished reading the Torah and had to roll the Torah all the way back to the beginning to start reading it over again. The first parsha of the Torah is Bereishit which is the story of creation. We learned what HaShem did each day of creation and that on the seventh day He rested, which is the reason we celebrate Shabbat.


We also read the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and were able to act the story out together.

20161026_095511 img_6614

In Music class with Ms. Zina, we continued to work on the song “Do Re Mi” from The Sound of Music. We are doing such a fantastic job learning the lyrics and singing in unison. Ms. Zina even had us practice singing chorally as we would if we were in a concert. We stood up straight and tall, and projected our voices beautifully.

20161027_110508 20161027_111117 20161027_111218

Our classmates who stay at school in the afternoons had fun learning more about the water cycle with Ms. Melissa and Ms. Carolyn. They conducted a rain cloud experiment one afternoon. This was great preparation for learning about Noah and the Ark this week, and all of the rain that contributed to the great flood!


img_6676 img_6677


We were so excited to welcome our Mystery Readers. They read The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss to us, and we all really enjoyed the story!

img_6692 img_6697

We welcomed Shabbat with the other Parparim and Tzeeporim classes.


As always, please remember you can email us at any time with questions, comments, or concerns. Our email address is arauchwarger@dubowpreschool.org. We are looking forward to an exciting week this week in Tzeeporim, as we learn about arks, animals, and all of the colors of the rainbow in the story of Noah and the Ark.

Todah rabah,

Ms. Alicia and Ms. Carolyn