A Busy Few Weeks Before Passover Break! – March 13, 2013

Good afternoon!

WOW! What a busy few weeks Tzeeporim 2 has been having!

Last week, we got to garden with Mr. Greg. This was such a GREAT experience for our kids. They got to pick carrots and take them home to their families, I have heard that many families made some yummy meals with the carrots! We then helped spread the dirt back and will be adding worms into our garden this week with Mr. Greg. This week, Mr. Greg made a visit to our classroom and made “dirt cake” with us!







We have been working VERY hard on our Passover projects that I know all of the parents will enjoy! We even were in charge of the sculpture this month for the hallway which was another Passover project that the students got to do. A HUGE thank you to Morah Hannah for helping all of our Passover projects turn out BEAUTIFUL!

With all of the Passover projects we have been doing, we have also been practicing for our Passover Model Seder! It is going to be a great Seder led by your children!

On Monday, we got a special visit from an ARMDI ambulance that will be taken to Israel very soon. The students tzedekah money even helped pay for some of the ambulance. They loved being able to see a real ambulance and had a lot of questions about how it will be getting from Jacksonville to Israel!


On Tuesday, Ms. Ilene will be reading us a special story and we will also be getting a visit from Rabbi O! Ms. Ilene and Rabbi O visits are always a fun time, so this one will be no exception!

On Wednesday, We will be traveling to Trad’s. We will be leaving a little before 9 and returning around 10:30. PLEASE remember to pack your students car seat for the trip! Students should arrive to school at 8:15 so we can prepare for the trip. Also, please keep your students in school after the field trip so that we can practice for our Seder with Morah Miriam and Morah Rachel.

I cannot forget to mention the learning that has been going on! The students handwriting is getting GREAT! We have been practicing very hard and labeling our pictures. We have also been practicing our numbers and using syllables. Another concept that we have been working on recognizing upper case and lower case letters.

The next few weeks will be busy, but will be WELL worth it! The students are having a great time and are continuing to learn and grow together!

Thank you!

Miss Lisa