A Tree for Me

Good afternoon Tzeeporim families and friends!

This week we explored roots, branches, leaves, and TREES! We added all of those words to our Word Wall by matching the initial letter.  We explored the life cycle of a tree and discovered that a mature tree has a crown, just like a king or a queen. A tree’s crown consists of its branches, twigs and leaves.

Our Letter of the Week was Qq, so we transformed the letter Q into a queen for our ABC books. We added a golden crown to our Q and decorated it with sparkling jewels.

During Storytime, we read books about trees and nature, like A Tree for Me by Nancy Van Laan. The book has a catchy rhyme scheme and many of us caught on to the scheme very quickly during our reading. When we were finished reading, we complied a list of words that rhyme with tree like me, see, knee, and bee. We also read Here We Are: Notes for Living On Planet Earth by Oliver Jeffers. It is a beautifully illustrated book with a powerful message about appreciating our planet and all of the people and animals who live on it.

We visited Ms. Heather in the garden for Gardening and spent some time searching for 2-D shapes. We found circles, triangles, and squares that were all used to make various trellises to hold up beans, tomatoes, and cucumbers in the garden.

Then, we went into the Discovery Studio to create our own 3-D structures made out of 2-D shapes. Ms. Heather showed us a prototype of a building she created and then the large scale structure she built based on her prototype. Then, we all had the opportunity to work together to create amazing 3-D structures!

We delved into our experience of Tu B’Shevat, the “birthday” of the trees, by creating our own tree art. We created “Family Trees” by using oil pastels and gel sticks to create trees, and drawings of our families. Some of us added collage to our works of art as well.

Both Tzeeporim classes enjoyed a Tu B’Shevat seder to celebrate the fruits of the Earth! We drank white grape juice and purple grape juice. We ate different fruits like olives, oranges, bananas, and raisins. We even recorded which fruits we liked and which fruits we didn’t like.

In Jewish Studies, we learned more about Tu B’Shevat and even helped Morah Rachel and Morah Miriam plant some seeds. We practiced for our upcoming Shoobee Doobee Shabbat program. We can’t wait to perform for our friends and family.

As an Emergent Writing activity, we wrote about our favorite trees in our writing journals. Some of us like apple trees, others like lemon trees, and others explained that they love all of the trees of the rainforests. We drew tree illustrations to go with our writing as well.

As another Art activity, we painted watercolor leaves to hang in our classroom.

We painted al fresco as well. We used the pine trees for inspiration, and brought the paint with us out onto the playground. We practiced dabbing our paint brushes to create the effect of pine needles on our brown branches.

In afternoon Music with Mr. B, he played lots of melodies for us on his melodica. When we knew the melodies, we put our hands on our heads and had the chance to guess the song. We played freeze dance too, and one of our friends even had the opportunity to learn to play “Twinkle, twinkle little star” on the melodica.

In addition to celebrating the birthday of the trees, we also took time to celebrate the 75th birthday of the DuBow Preschool! We sang and even enjoyed some birthday treats!

We enjoyed a wonderful Mystery Reader Mommy who read us an engaging and hysterical book about monsters. She also read a cute book about sloths to us!

We welcomed Shabbat with our Parparim and Tzeeporim friends. We had a wonderful ema and aba to represent our class, and we enjoyed a lovely kiddush after our service.

We culminated our week by doing Show and Tell. We each shared something that we can get from a tree.

We had an amazing week learning about trees together, creating tree art, and experiencing nature. We can’t wait for next week when we get to learn what writers and illustrators do, and maybe even become writers and illustrators ourselves!

Shabbat Shalom!

Ms. Alicia and Ms. Carolyn