Bears, Tracks, & Hibernation!

Good evening Tzeeporim families and friends,

We had an engaging week learning last week about bears, the letter E, and the number 16. We worked with Ms. Carolyn on the letter E page for our ABC books. We added googly EYES to our page.


We continued to work on our calendar skills during circle time. We sang our days of the week song. We are working on decoding the days of the week using the beginning consonant sounds.

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The beginning of the week, we read a book called Bears on the Brain. It was a mystery story about a group of kids who were trying to identify animal tracks. We had fun in pairs making “tracks” with our hands in flour, and using a ruler to measure the length of our hands.

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We worked on a math activity that incorporated a variety of math skills. We used one-to-one correspondence to count out 16 bears, we grouped our bears by color, and then we compared how many bears we had of each color. We using our math skills to determine how many bears we had altogether, which color had the most bears, and which had the least number of bears.

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We read a book called Bear’s Big Breakfast, which gave us insight into the fact that bears at a lot of food in preparation for hibernation. As an an emergent writing activity, students drew pictures of their favorite food and dictated a sentence in their journals.

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We did a science experiment using gummy bears. We used one gummy bear as our control. Then, we put one gummy bear in a bowl of water, and a second gummy bear in a bowl of salt water. We made predictions about what would happen to the gummy bears, and then waited until the next morning to see the results of our experiment. We were surprised to discover that the gummy bears both grew in size overnight, but that the one in salt water was darker in color than the one in plain water.

img_8009 img_8010  We enjoyed reading our ELLM Book of the Week, titled My Favorite Bear. We were able to discuss many types of bears while we read, including polar bears, brown bears, and panda bears.


In Jewish Studies, Morah Rachel and Morah Miriam began teaching us about Hanukkah. We talked about the many symbols and foods of Hanukkah, including dreidels and latkes. We also learned that the most important thing to do during Hanukkah is to light the candles.


As a follow-up activity, we did a woven paper dreidel craft in our classroom.

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In Science this week, Ms. Amanda helped us to finish our habitats. We made beautiful dioramas for our animals to inhabit.

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Later in the week, Ms. Amanda met with us again to revisit learning about habitats. We practiced putting beanie babies on either land or water. Then, we created a home for our beanie baby using a space in the classroom.

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We had fun in music with Ms. Zina, practicing various songs. We especially loved the “Chicken Dance”!

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In PE, Ms. Jackie taught us the fundamentals of baseball.


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Our students who stay until 3:30 p.m. enjoy a fun afternoon full of wonderful educational experiences. The best part of the afternoon (other than recess, of course) are the afternoon resource classes that are taught by the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School staff. We enjoy enriching activities like music, art, P.E., and library in the afternoon.

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We wrapped up our week, by working on our Weekly Readers. We created our own mini books by cutting the pages and putting them in numerical order. The Weekly Reader enhanced our knowledge of hibernation, and taught us about chipmunks and how they prepare to hibernate during winter.

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Our Mystery Reader  read us a fantastic story called Fridays Are Special about a family celebrating Shabbat together. We really enjoyed it!

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We added our weekly vocabulary words to our Word Wall. Our vocabulary words this week were bear, cub, tracks, and hibernate. We also played in our Dramatic Play center with our Shabbat set. We had fun pretending to cut light candles and cut challah!

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We celebrated Shabbat with all of our preschool friends during the All Preschool Shabbat.

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In maintaining our “bear” theme this week, everyone was asked to bring in a teddy bear, or another bear that was special to them for Show and Tell. We met a panda bear, a polar bear, a Baltimore Ravens bear, several Build-a-Bear bears (and dogs), and even a unicorn. One friend even brought in a really neat bear book! Our friends who didn’t bring Show and Tell were able to share some of their favorite bears in our classroom.

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As a special surprise on Friday afternoon, our students and the Tzeeporim 1 students met Clifford the Big Red Dog! He was getting everyone so excited for the Galinsky Academy Scholastic Book Fair which will take place this week (December 5th through 9th).


We’re looking forward to an exciting week of learning together in Tzeeporim!

Todah rabah,

Ms. Alicia and Ms. Carolyn