The Colors of Us

Good afternoon Tzeeporim families and friends!

We were so happy to be together again after a long Winter Break. We started the week off by meeting for Circle Time and sharing our favorite thing we did over Winter Break with one another. One friend went to LEGO Land, another friend started moving into a new house, and another traveled to Texas! We  really enjoyed learning about each other’s experiences.

We came to school dressed for a Spirit Day in celebration of the Jacksonville Jaguar’s victory against the Buffalo Bills in Sunday’s playoff game. So many preschool friends (and teachers) were dressed in their Jaguar gear!

Our Letter of the Week was Letter “I”. We brainstormed a list of words that started with the letter “I” including iguana, igloo, ice, and ice cream. We used the letter I to create an “ice cream cone” for our ABC books.

Our Shape of the Week was a circle. We are revisiting our two-dimensional shapes a second time before we explore three-dimensional shapes later this school year. We used circles to make patterns this week and focused on creating ABAB patterns with different colored circles.

During Circle Time one day, one of our friends asked a Math question. He said, “What is 11 + 12”? We said, “WHOA! Those numbers are too big to count on our fingers!  Let’s use linking cubes!”  In groups, our friends worked together to add a stick of 11 linking cubes to a stick of 12 linking cubes. They worked together and every friend had a chance to use one-to-one correspondence to count how many cubes there were altogether. We all came up with the same correct answer! We are amazing mathematicians!

This week we explored diversity through a variety of literature. During Storytime we read an array of picture books, including The Colors of Us by Karen Katz, Bright Eyes, Brown Skin by Cheryl Hudson, and Whoever You Are by Mem Fox. In The Colors of Us we learned that our skin color can be the color of cinnamon, honey, a peach, or a jewel. Our hair color, skin color and eye color may be different, but our hearts and smiles are the same. We also read our Scholastic Weekly Reader about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. We learned that he was an American hero who stood up for the rights of African Americans when the laws treated them unfairly by writing letters and marching in peaceful protests.

Our Vocabulary words this week were body parts we learned in the book Bright Eyes, Brown Skin. We learned the words cheek, chin, nose, and toes. We added them to our Word Wall and discussed the consonant blend /ch/ and how it is different from the /k/ sound that the letter C often makes when it stands alone. We made a list of “C” words that start with the /k/ sound, like cupcake, cake, and carnivore. We also made a list of “C” words that start with the /ch/ sound like cheese, chalk, chocolate, and Chase. We went out to the Courtyard and had fun doing “CH” activities like chasing each other during a game of soccer and coloring with chalk.

The literature we read was a fabulous launching point for creating Self-Portraits. First, we used pencils to draw ourselves. Then, we learned how to mix tempera paint for our skin colors, just like the main character in the book The Colors of Us. We started with white paint, and added brown. Some of us added a little red, some of us added a little yellow, and others added both!

Next, we added our hair color and eye color to our paintings. Some of us have black hair, others have brown hair, and still others have blonde hair. Our eyes are different too! Some of us have green eyes, others have blue eyes, and still others have brown eyes!

Lastly, we added details to our self-portraits with gel sticks and oil pastels. We added hair bows, clothes, and beautifully colored backgrounds with an array of different colors.

We were so proud of our completed Self-Portraits! Do you think we did a fantastic job capturing our similarities and differences?

We enjoyed playing in Learning Centers.

The weather was a bit rainy and damp this week, so during Recess we enjoyed inside play with the parachute, jump ropes, and sports scooters.

When the weather was bright and sunny, we enjoyed having our lunch in the courtyard.

In Jewish Studies, we davened together. We really know the prayers Modei AniMa TovuShema, and Adon Olam. One of our friends even led Adon Olam this week! We can’t wait to see who leads next week. We began learning about the upcoming holiday of Tu B’Shevat, or the New Year of the Trees. We discussed all of the things we can get from trees. One friend said we can get splinters! We thought that was a very clever answer and so did Morah Rachel! We learned that the first tree to bloom in Israel in the spring is the almond tree. We pretended to be almonds growing into almond trees.

In Music, we practiced using our rhythm sticks. We are preparing a special song for the Mother’s Day program in May and we keep working on it to perfect our rhythmic timing. We danced with shaky eggs and used bells to sing an ABC song.

In Science, we learned about our sense of touch. We learned about things that are smooth, rough, bumpy, and smooth. Ms. Heather brought out “Henry the House Monster”, and we took turns reaching into his mouth, grabbing an item, and describing its texture to our friends. We loved taking the item out and discovering what it was!

We wrapped up the week with a special Mystery Reader- our friend’s big brother who goes to the MJGDS Middle School. He read the book My Rhinoceros to us. We really enjoyed it!!

We welcoming Shabbat together with our preschool friends in the Main Sanctuary. We had a wonderful ema and aba to represent our class.

During Show and Tell, we enjoyed seeing what our friends brought to share. We didn’t have a specific theme this week and wanted to give our friends the opportunity to bring anything they wanted from home.

We hope everyone enjoys a reflective and meaningful Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day. We are looking forward to joining together again next week when we get to show off our silly side and delve into rhyming words!

Shabbat Shalom!

Ms. Alicia and Ms. Carolyn