Camping Conversations

Good afternoon Tzeeporim families and friends,

Last week, we took time to enjoy the fall season. We spent a little extra time on the playground and out in nature to immerse ourselves in the cool breeze and the changing leaves on the trees.

Our book of the week during Storytime was Bailey Goes Camping by Kevin Henkes. It was the story about bunny named Bailey who is a little bit sad because his brother and sister get to go camping, but he is too little to go. We talked about many of the things we have to wait to do until we are bigger, like drive cars and have sleepovers with friends.

In the story, Bailey has a pretend camp out in his house with a real tent and he gets to roast marshmallows over the stove. We added several vocabulary words to our Word Wall related to camping, including camping, tent, marshmallow, hot dog, and stars. A star was also our shape of the week!

After reading, we completed a Math activity to increase our math concept vocabulary. We determined which of our friends would like to go camping inside like Bailey and which of our friends would prefer to camp outside, like Bailey’s siblings.  We used terms like more than and less than.

As an Emergent Writing activity, we made lists of items we would bring with us on a camping trip. We added items like flashlights, sleeping bags, and firewood to our lists. We had fun using a flashlight to help us sing our ABC Song too! We turned off the lights to make the room feel like a campsite at night, and then our Song Leader shone the light on each letter as we sang our song.

We took a lovely Nature Walk outside to collect items for our Sensory Table. We collected acorns, leaves, pine cones, and as many brown leaves as we could. We tried to leave the green leaves on the trees to allow them to continue to grow, although truth be told, some of our friends could not resist adding a little green to our collection.

Our Color of the Week was orange, so we had fun painting bright orange pumpkins on the easel in Art Center. We can’t wait to finish working on them next week!

Our Letter of the Week was M. We made a mighty magnificent list of M words including names like Max and Mommy, and words like Monday, muffin, and magnet. We had a marvelous time turning our Ms into mice with little ears, noses, whiskers, and small googly eyes. We traced the letter M and we even turned our snack into the letter M!

In Jewish Studies, we learned that Avraham and Sarah had a son named, Yitzhak and that he married Rivka! We learned that all of these things happened in the book of Beresheet (Genesis in English).

In Gardening, we found out that birds can have a challenging time foraging for food during Winter. Although we are still in Fall, we decided to help the birds in advance by making home made bird feeders out of pine cones. Ms. Heather helped us to spread shortening all over our pine cones and then roll them around in seeds to give the birds something to eat.

In Music, we combined classes with Tzeeporim 1 to learn a new song for a special end of the year program. Ms. Emily assigned each of us a letter of the alphabet, and we started learning a very special new song together. We had a very bustling and busy Music class this week!

In Science, Ms. Heather taught us about simple machines. Did you know the word machine starts with the letter M? So cool! She set up several pulley stations around the room, and we took turns learning how to use the pulleys and identifying how they help us to lift heavy things and transport objects from place to place. We practiced taking turns and had a wonderful time exploring!

We created, explored, and built in Learning Centers as well.

We enjoyed a special Mystery Reader when our friend Mrs. Helen joined us to read two stories about fall. We enjoyed talking to her about squirrels, acorns, and the colors of beautiful fall leaves. At the end, she even gave each of us our own beautiful red, orange, and yellow leaves to take home. It was a special visit!

The ema and aba for our class did a wonderful job on the bimah during Shabbat. Our ema enjoyed sitting with her special visitors, her grandparents! Our aba, knew all of the answers to Morah Rachel and Morah Miriam’s questions about the Torah portion for the week- he was really listening in Jewish Studies and we were so impressed by his knowledge! Our ema and aba helped to lead kiddush as well!

We culminated our week with an excited Show and Tell. Most of our friends brought in cool leaves from home that they found or that their parents helped them to find. Some were small, and others, like a banana leaf, were humongous!

Last week was a marvelous week together learning about camping, we can’t wait for the upcoming week when we get to explore leaves together and continue to enjoy the fall season.

Todah rabah,

Ms. Alicia and Ms. Carolyn