Good afternoon Tzeeporim families and friends!

We had a very busy and productive week last week learning about camping and preparing for Hanukkah. We learned camping related vocabulary terms such as camping, tent, day, and night. We read several camping themed books. We made lists of items we would take with us on a camping trip, and discussed whether we would rather camp out inside or outside.

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We collected small sticks on the playground to make campfire art. We used our hand prints to make the fire and added a “roasted marshmallow” too. Some of our campfire creations are hanging in the preschool gallery, so take a look if you have the opportunity!

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Last week, we learned about the letter D. We practiced tracing and writing the letter D. We added a D to our ABC book and turned the “D” into a dog, more specifically, a Dalmatian. As a class, we made a really, REALLY long list of words that started with the letter D.

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Our number of the week was 17. We practiced writing and tracing the number 17. We also used one-to-one correspondence to accurately count the number 17. img_8204

We worked in Centers doing puzzles, working with math manipulatives to practice addition, using a felt board to practice pre-literacy skills, and pretending to celebrate Hanukkah in our dramatic play center.


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We enjoyed free play with play dough. We used Hanukkah play dough molds to make play dough menorahs. Some of us even used the opportunity to create our own patterns with the menorah!

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We enjoyed a social story with puppets! Ms. Carolyn and Ms. Alicia led a puppet show and discussion about what it means to be a friend. We learned how to greet our friends in the morning when we get to school, how to be inclusive on the playground, and how to resolve conflicts when our friends are feeling upset.


We worked on Hanukkah crafts in preparation for Hanukkah. We can’t wait to show our families our finished creations!

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We had several Hanukkah performance practices with Morah Rachel and Morah Miriam. We are doing such a great job learning all of our songs and can’t wait to perform for everyone on Tuesday night!


We enjoyed a fantastic story time with PJ Library Coordinator, Ms. Whitney. She read the book The Eighth Menorah by Lauren Wohl.


We enjoyed Hanukkah centers with our VPK buddies from the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School. We visited four stations, and at each station we did a different activity. We enjoyed Hanukkah bingo at one station, a game of dreidel at another, a Magen David craft at a third station, and a delicious Hanukkah treat at the final station. We had so much fun!

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In Gardening with Ms. Amanda, we pulled weeds out of the garden beds without disturbing the other plants. We harvested purple kale, dill, and tomatoes.

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In P.E. with Ms. Jackie, we continued to learn about baseball and worked on hitting the baseball off of the t.


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In Music with Ms. Zina, we sang some of our favorite songs, and practiced singing a song about friendship.

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Our friends who stay in the afternoon enjoyed art with Ms. Gutterman.


They also enjoyed a fantastic afternoon music class with Mr. B. They loved drumming!

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Our Mystery Reader  read two fantastic books to our class. The first was called I Just Want to Do It My Way by Julia Cook and the second was called The Book with No Pictures by B.J. Novak.


We welcomed Shabbat together with the other Tzeeporim class and with the two Parparim classes as well. We had fun celebrating Shabbat in the indoor playground.

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We have so many things to look forward to in the week ahead as we continue to learn about Hanukkah and enjoy many celebrations with our school friends and their families. Please remember to join us for our Hanukkah Performance. Students are asked to wear blue bottoms and white tops.

We are also very excited about our upcoming field trip to River Garden. Please remember to turn in your Driver form if you have not already, along with your child’s permission slip. We need as many parent drivers as possible to make this mitzvah trip a reality.

We’re looking forward to an exciting week of learning together in Tzeeporim!

Todah rabah,

Ms. Alicia and Ms. Carolyn