Community Helpers & the 100th Day of School!

Dear Tzeeporim families and friends,

We had a truly outstanding week this week learning about Community Helpers and celebrating the 100th day of school.

Our letter of the week was Z. We made a zany list of Z words like zucchini, zipper, Zuma, and even onomatopoeia words like zap! (Yes! We know what onomoatopoeia words are- ask us!) We practiced tracing the letter Zz, writing the letter Zz, and we turned our Zs into zebras for our ABC books.

We had a special visit on Monday from Ms. Whitney the coordinator for PJ Library Jacksonville. She read two wonderful books to us and we really enjoyed her visit!

In centers this week, we worked on compound words using puzzles, and we worked on basic math skills by making tangrams with shapes.

Our theme this week and next week is on Community Helpers. We talked in depth about dentists, doctors, police officers, and construction workers this week. We read books, watched video clips, and created art related to these important helpers in our community. First, we learned about dentists. We learned that they help us to keep our teeth healthy. We practiced brushing teeth with a huge toothbrush and a pretend mouth.

We made tooth art by brushing a tooth with a real toothbrush and sparkly white paint.

We learned that police officers help protect us and keep our community safe. We were excited to see Officer Nancy and talk to her about her job. She let us see her car and we even got to sit inside of it!

After meeting Officer Nancy, we wanted to make our own police badges. We worked on our cutting and pasting skills to make our own. We wrote our names on them by ourselves too!

We read books about Community Helpers and we wrote in our journals about what we want to be when we grow up.

The concept of Community Helpers extended naturally into our outdoor play this week as well. Students had a wonderful time acting out the various jobs we learned about in the classroom. During their outdoor play, some students pretended to be doctors, other students pretended to be patients in a hospital, and still others were chefs creating curative chicken soup to help patients get well.

We enjoyed reading our Weekly Reader this week as well. It was great preparation for President’s Day and taught us about how George Washington became our nation’s first president. We also learned that his face is on both the quarter and the $1 bill.

In Jewish Studies this week, we began learning about the upcoming holiday of Purim. We began discussing the vocabulary words that are important to know about the holiday, such as the megillah (scroll), hamantaschen (three pointed cookie to represent Haman’s hat), and grogger (noisemaker). We learned the story of Purim and talked about how brave Queen Esther was to stand up for the Jewish people in Shushan.

We enjoyed Science with Ms. Amanda twice this week! She is helping us to build our background knowledge about the human body in preparation for a unit of study about the body we will start in a few weeks. On Monday, she taught us about skin and bones! We made our own hands by inserting straws into rubber gloves.

On Thursday, she taught us about the brain. We made our own brain crowns!




In Music, we had fun singing “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” and dancing the “Hokey Pokey”.

We had the most FANTASTIC day today celebrating the 100th day of school. All of our students came dressed in their amazingly creative 100th day of school shirts, and had so much fun showing them to the whole class. Our question of the day was 100th day themed and so was our coloring sheet this morning.

Ms. Carolyn took our pictures so we can compare how we look from the first day of school until now. We think we’ve grown up a lot since August.

We spent a lot of the day celebrating with our friends from the other VPK class and we loved seeing their amazing shirts as well.

We were elated to make it to #100 during circle time. We counted all the way from 1 to 100. We then practiced skip counting by 10s using an abacus.

We did a cutting and pasting activity to practice skip counting by 10s as well. We were really fantastic at it!

In Ms. Suzie and Ms. Melissa’s class, we counted out one hundred fruit loops and cheerios to make necklaces. We talked about how the cheerios and fruit loops are the same shape as the number ZERO!

We all enjoyed a special Mystery Reader together. She read two books to us!

We enjoyed a fun snack-tivity during which we sorted 100 snack items into 10 categories.

We culminated our 100th day of school celebration with a FASHION SHOW! We each took turns walking the red carpet to show off our fantastic shirts. We had wonderful spectators as well! The Parparim classes joined us and watched our fashion show. They were such a great audience.

Our week ended with a lovely All School Shabbat in the Main Sanctuary. We loved singing Purim songs with all of our DuBow Preschool friends. We had a great ema and aba to represent our class.

We are looking forward to another great week next week as we continue to learn about Community Helpers. A special thank you to all of our wonderful parents who put so much time and energy into helping their children make shirts for our celebration today. We appreciate it so much!

Shabbat Shalom!

Ms. Alicia and Ms. Carolyn