Falling into Fall!- October 29, 2013

Good evening!

Over the next few weeks we will be learning about the wonderful season of Fall! This week we are reading “Sixteen Runaway Pumpkins” and next week we will be reading “The Big Leaf Pile”. This is an extremely fun and interactive theme for the students! We have gone on a Fall scavenger hunt and used Q-tips to paint on our Fall trees. We will continue to make other Fall crafts including making trees with our hands and doing leaf rubbings!

This week we are also focusing on the letter X. We painted X’s with dot paints and learned about the sound that this letter makes! Next week we will focus on the letter A. While focusing on these letters it is meant to be a review for the students. We will do art crafts with the letters and talk about words that begin with the letters. According to the curriculum that we use, I will start to review the letters the many of the students are familiar with and continue through out the alphabet to the letters that were unknown by most of the children.

In order to become strong readers, students must know their letters and letter sounds. Please keep this in mind and continuously review the letters and their sounds with your children!

We will also keep working on learning about “more than and less than”. This may be a complex topic for some students, and they will definitely start to under this vocabulary in no time!

Resource News:

Jewish Studies: Morah Miriam and Morah Rachel are started to teach us about Issac’s children and how they tricked their dad! We even got to talk about how we have sets of our own twins in our preschool!

P.E.- Coach Rebecca brought us a huge surprise on Tuesday- our own bounce house! The kids LOVED this and had a BLAST on the jump house!

Science- Mr. Greg ended our Super Hero themed month with talking about the super senses that some animals have.

Music- We missed Music with Miss Zina last week and cannot wait to see her this week!

Shabbat- Note- there is no Shabbat this week. I will send home the November Shabbat schedule by the end of this week- please check your child’s Daily Folder to see when your child is schedule to be the Ema or Aba.

Important Dates- November 1st- Parent/Teacher conference day.

Take a look at a few pictures for this week!

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Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Thank you!

Miss Lisa