Feast for 10

Good afternoon Tzeeporim families and friends!

Last week, we began preparing for Thanksgiving by engaging in many Thanksgiving related activities and reading books that centered on a Thanksgiving theme.

During Story Time, we enjoyed reading Feast for 10 and One Little, Two Little, Three Little Pilgrims. Both books taught us different things about Thanksgiving, but they also reinforced counting up to ten, our Number of the Week. We added vocabulary words to our Word Wall, which helps us to identify initial letters and phonemes. Our vocabulary words this week were fall, feast, food, and turkey.

We practiced our Thanksgiving songs many times! We also began creating our costumes for the Thanksgiving Program. We are going to be turkeys! We worked diligently creating turkey feathers using a variety of materials, including watercolor, glitter, tissue paper, and gel paint.

Our Letter of the Week was W. We turned our W into a grey worm, because grey was also our Color of the Week.

Our friends who stay in the afternoon had fun reading the book sixteen runaway pumpkins and adding orange tissue paper to the orange pumpkins the painted recently.

We played in Learning Centers as well, engaging in conversations with both teachers and our peers. We continue to practice using kind words with one another, problem solving, and taking turns when we work together. These are some of the most challenging skills we practice in prekindergarten, but certainly the most valuable!

We ventured outside during Science to take a look at the beautiful trees in Beth Shalom Park. We were excited to extend our understanding of collecting materials and sorting them into piles during a “Tree Scavenger Hunt”. We looked for bark, leaves, pine needles, sticks, and pine cones. Later, we worked in pairs to measure the circumference of trees. After we measured, Ms. Heather did a mathematical calculation based on the circumference to determine the age of the trees. One of the trees was 75 yeas old!

Together with Tzeeporim 1, we gathered together to enjoy a special PJ Library Story Time with Ms. Whitney.

We met our VPK Buddies from the Martin J. Gottlieb Day School this week as well. It was SO exciting! We completed a questionnaire together, so we could see what we had in common. Then, we all learned a new song with our Head of Schools, Mrs. Scharf-Anderson. We will be performing the song together during our Hanukkah Program in December.

Our class mascot, Pete the Cat, returned to school after a fun trip to New York City with one of our classmates! He had the best time visiting Central Park, and even going to a dentist’s office! He can’t wait for his next adventure!

During Music with Ms. Emily, we took some time to practice for our Thanksgiving program, and then, we got to enjoy some rhythm and movement activities. We especially love the song “We Are the Dinosaurs!” and had fun stomping around with beautiful scarves.

On Friday, we enjoyed a special Mystery Reader when our friend’s Dad stopped by to read two stories with us.

We welcomed Shabbat together with our Tzeeporim and Parparim friends. Our ema and aba did a wonderful job representing our class!

We culminated our week together with Show and Tell. All students were asked to bring in something from home that represents a food they enjoy for Thanksgiving. Our friends were very creative! Some drew their own pictures of food they like to eat. Some friends found play food from their play kitchens at home. Still other friends cut out images of food from newspapers and magazines. All friends had the opportunity to tell us about their favorite Thanksgiving food, even if they did not bring something tangible to show the class.

We are looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving at school this coming week with our families and friends!


Ms. Alicia and Ms. Carolyn