Frogs Here, Frogs There, Frogs Were Jumping Everywhere!

Good evening Tzeeporim families and friends!

We hope everyone enjoyed a Chag Pesach Sameach and a wonderful Spring Break! In our class, we spent the week before Pesach preparing for our model seder, creating beautiful objects to use at our seders at home, learning together, and having fun!

We commenced the week by learning about our last “Letter of the Week”, letter “I”. We traced the letter I, we wrote the letter I, and because we have been so immersed in learning about the 10 plagues, we turned the letter I into an insect for our ABC books. We sculpted the letter I with playdough, and we used the dough to create our own creepy, crawly insects, snakes, and scorpions.

During storytime, we read several books about Passover, which gave the students the opportunity to explore different aspects of the holiday.

We completed a multi-step process to make an afikomen bag for our seder tables at home. We used watercolors to paint our paper and independently wrote the word “Afikomen” on the paper. After the paper was laminated and holes were punched around the edges, we laced our own bags using yarn. As a finishing touch, we decorated our bags with glitter and jewels.

We used watercolors to paint the covers of our Haggadot.

As an emergent writing activity, we wrote in our journals about our favorite part of the Passover seder. Some of us liked singing “Ma Nishtana”, others liked the seder plate, and still others liked the kiddush cup.

Our Weekly Reader was about earthworms and how they are beneficial to gardens. We learned that worm poops are called “castings”. We learned that castings help plants to grow in soil. We thought this was both gross and very cool! We compared earthworms to insects. We determined that earthworms are not insects because they do not have antennae or legs. As a math activity, we used linking cubes to measure the lengths of “earthworms” on an activity sheet.

We were thrilled to show our families how much we knew about Pesach at our Model Seder.

We had a ball playing together in the indoor playroom as well!

In Music class, we prepared for our Tzeeporim moving up ceremony, and also enjoyed some movement activities.

On the playground, some of the students extended their understanding of concepts we have explored in the classroom by creating a frog habitat for a REAL frog. They engineered a habitat that included both water and dry land.

We were so excited to welcome Hazzan Holzer to our class as our Mystery Reader. He read two books to us that we thoroughly enjoyed. The first was called Nibbles and the second was The Book with No Pictures.

We welcomed Shabbat with our Parparim and Tzeeporim friends, and had a great ema and aba to represent our class.

We wrapped up our week with a fantastic celebration of another friend’s 5th birthday. We ate lunch in our classroom, sang “Happy Birthday”, and enjoyed some delicious doughnuts.

We have so many more exciting celebrations and holidays in store for us as the school year comes to a close. Stay tuned for more fun and learning coming your very way soon!

Todah rabah,
Ms. Alicia and Ms. Carolyn