Happy Hanukkah!

Good afternoon Tzeeporim families and friends!

We enjoyed a festive and fun week in our class learning about Hanukkah. We sang many songs about Hanukkah and learned how to correctly light the Hanukkah menorah, called a hanukiyah.

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We used watercolors to paint our own menorahs. Once they were dry, we added metal bolts to serve as candle holders. We can’t wait to take them home and use them for Hanukkah this year!


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We read many books about Hanukkah during storytime, and learned about all of the symbols of Hanukkah, including menorahs, candles, gelt, and latkes. These Hanukkah symbols were our vocabulary words this week.


We even had a surprise story time in Ms. Suzie and Ms. Melissa’s class. We enjoyed two fantastic stories by Mrs. Kleiner. Mrs. Kleiner is married to the Executive Director of our synagogue, Gil Kleiner.

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We practiced for our Hanukkah performance with Morah Rachel and Morah Miriam, and had fun posing as a group in front of the inflatable menorah that was on display during the performance.

img_20161212_100502 img_20161212_103151

We thoroughly enjoyed dressing up as Maccabees and performing for all of our families and friends. We especially loved getting to decorate (and eat) doughnuts after the performance!




img_20161213_184602 img_20161213_184614 img_20161213_184745 img_20161213_184819 img_20161213_185511 img_20161213_185646

We enjoyed learning how to play dreidel, but realized we all want to land on GIMEL. It isn’t quite as fun to land on NUN.

img_20161213_113020 img_20161213_113131 img_20161213_114716 img_20161213_114957img_20161213_113201img_20161213_113414

We are so very thankful for all of the mothers who volunteered to drive to River Garden for our mitzvah field trip. We sang Hanukkah songs to the residents, passed out cards created by all of the preschool classes, and enjoyed a delicious doughnut treat. The River Garden residents were filled with so much joy watching all of the children perform!


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We had SO much fun with Ms. Suzie and Ms. Melissa’s VPK class on Thursday. During the early part of the morning, Ms. Suzie taught us how to make latkes. We learned the recipe, took turns adding ingredients to the bowl, and then we watched from a safe distance as Ms. Suzie fried the latkes. We were fabulous sous chefs!  After they cooled down, we enjoyed eating them during our Hanukkah party later in the morning.


img_20161215_093540img_20161215_092657 img_20161215_092707 img_20161215_092719 img_20161215_092735img_20161215_093034

img_20161215_093444 img_20161215_093455 img_20161215_093519 img_20161215_093546 img_20161215_093553 img_20161215_093618

Our room parents organized a fabulous VPK party and we had so much fun celebrating with all of our friends! A special thank you to our room parents for a picture perfect party. We all had the BEST time listening to Hanukkah stories, making Hanukkah gingerbread houses, eating latkes, and coloring Hanukkah placemats.


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img_20161215_110442 img_20161215_112242 img_20161215_114526

After the party, we ate lunch in our classroom! It was the perfect endingimg_20161215_121021 to a festive and fun morning.

This we week enjoyed time playing on the playground.

img_20161214_113539 img_20161214_113645 img_20161214_113709

We added all of our Hanukkah vocabulary words to our Word Wall.

img_20161216_090657 img_20161216_090841   img_20161216_091143 img_20161216_091306  img_20161216_091903 img_20161216_092038

Our Mystery Reader read us a great story about Hanukkah and she gave us each a sparkly dreidel sticker after she was finished.

img_20161216_092222 img_20161216_092642We celebrated Shabbat with our Parparim and Tzeeporim friends. It was fun wrapping up 2016 together singing Hanukkah songs with Morah Miriam.

img_20161216_100041 img_20161216_100720 img_20161216_103336

It has been such a pleasure watching the kids grow and learn during the past few months of school! We are looking forward to all of the laughter, learning, and fun we will have together when we return to school in January. We wish you all a restful holiday season, and a very Happy Haunukkah! See you in 2017!

Shabbat Shalom!

Ms. Alicia and Ms. Carolyn