Happy Mother’s Day

Hello Tzeeporim families and friends!

First off, we have to thank all of the mothers and grandmothers who were able to join us for Mother’s Day Tea last Friday. The students worked all week making crafts and preparing presents for their mothers, and they were so thrilled to give their creations to you.

We commenced last week by creating presents for our mothers. We used watercolors to paint cardstock and transformed them into beautiful cards. On the front cover of the card, we each wrote “Happy Mother’s Day” independently, and many of us wrote special messages inside the cards as well.

We used FIMO clay and shape molds to create earrings for our mothers in their favorite colors.

We painted and added jewels to heart shaped gifts boxes for our moms as well. We put our finished earrings into the beautifully decorated boxes.

We painted and decorated picture frames as well.

We wrapped up our Mother’s Day crafts by coloring gift bags.

As an emergent writing activity, we drew pictures of our moms and wrote in our journals about what makes our mothers special.

We continued working on our number book. We completed pages for numbers 7 and 8. Completing these pages has given us a great opportunity to talk about money, specifically coins. We now know what nickels and pennies are. We also learned that nickels are silver and pennies are copper.

Our Weekly Reader gave us additional opportunities to practice basic math skills this week. We learned about ladybugs, and then completed some math activities that required us to add the dots on a lady bug. It was challenging!

We played individually and with friends in centers.

Some of our friends enjoyed the Lego wall when we added it to our center rotation.

We enjoyed a very fun PE this week organized by MyGym.


We celebrated our friend’s birthday this week. His Mommy, Daddy, and little sister joined us for the celebration. They brought delicious cupcakes for us!

This year, Lag B’Omer and Mother’s Day fell on the same day. So, toward the end of the week, we began learning about Lag B’Omer too. We read two books about Lag B’Omer, including Holiday for Ari Ant by Sylvia Rouss and Sadie’s Lag B’Omer Mystery by Jamie Korngold. We enjoyed a picnic snack outside on the playground and painted our own bonfires in celebration of the holiday.

We culminated or week with our Mother’s Tea program in celebration of Mother’s Day. We hope all of our mothers and grandmothers enjoyed the program and their special gifts!

Thank you again for celebrating Mother’s Day with us at school!

Todah rabah,

Ms. Alicia and Ms. Carolyn