Happy Thanksgiving!

Good afternoon Tzeeporim families and friends!

We enjoyed a short, but sweet week preparing for Thanksgiving together and getting to perform our Thanksgiving songs for our families.

We finished working on our “Fall Leaf” mixed media art. We added photographs of ourselves and glued on fall leaves to complete our Art Work.

We had fun coloring Thanksgiving themed pictures.

We enjoyed learning about Wampanoags in our Weekly Reader. The Wampanoag were native people who lived in the northeast for thousands of years before the European settlers colonized the area around Plymouth. Last week, we learned about the Pilgrims, but this week we were able to compare and contrast what we learned with the new information we discovered about the Wampanoag people. We learned they lived in a dwelling called a wetu (pronounced “we” “too”), and we were excited to add the words wetu and Wampanoag to our Letter W list we started last week. We had fun learning about what we might find inside of a wetu and we played a digital game about it online.

We prepared our fruit turkeys and fruit salad for the Thanksgiving Feast! Thank you to all of our wonderful families for contributing fruit to the salad. We know it was enjoyed by all at the feast and that everyone appreciated it!

We culminated our week together with a festive Thanksgiving Program. We put on our turkey costumes and got ready to strut out turkey tail feathers.

We got on the bimah and sang our Thanksgiving songs. We did a great job performing!

We feel thankful each, and every day that we get to spend time with our students and watch them learn and grow. We wish all of our friends and families a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Todah rabah,

Ms. Alicia and Ms. Carolyn