Hashem is here, Hashem is there…Hashem is truly everywhere!


This week Tzeeporim 2 has been preparing for our next holiday, Sukkot! Although this is a short week, learning has still been going on!

Focus Book: We began reading “The Humongous Cat” by Joy Cowley. Due to this week and next week both being three day weeks, we will discuss the book both weeks. This book is about Mr. and Ms. Mack who find a cat. They feed him and feed him until he turns into a humongous cat! The cat is so big that the Macks decided to give him to giant that lives on the mountain.

The book introduces students to the word humongous and allows students to listen for rhyming words throughout the story.

Letter of the week: S.

Skills: We continued to work on rhyming words and counting the sounds that we hear in words. We worked on drawing pictures out of shapes and learned the term first and last. 

We continued to work on learning the vocabulary  words – leader and follower.

A peek into our week:

We started on Monday with decorating Sukkot decorations. Students got to pick a fruit to make out of their own handprints! These decorations will be hung up in the Sukkah and we will get to look at our beautiful creations all throughout  Sukkot!


We continued our Monday by joining Morah Rachel and Miss Rucha for Jewish Studies, where we learned all about Sukkot. All the children got an opportunity to shake the lulav and etrog, and even got to take a look in Morah Rachel’s classroom Sukkah!



During center time students continued to work on their Sukkot decorations. They were able to use their gross motor skills to marble paint their Etrog that they will bring home for their own Sukkahs!

image image image

After 12:30, some students joined Coach Marla for soccer, while the other students got to enjoy the beautiful weather on the playground! We also got to visit Coach Goldman for PE! The students learned a new tag game and got to run and play with friends!

We continued our week on Tuesday with Sukkot decorations. The students got to dot paint for their Lulavs.


We continued to work on rhyming words and listened for the beginning sounds of words. During center time we began our letter S snakes! We decorated them with bordette that felt like real snake skin! Ms. Carolyn even told us some facts about snakes that we thought we were silly such as snakes don’t have ears and use their tongues to feel vibrations!



We even practiced our handwriting skills and wrote the word snake! 

The students also got to complete another whole group project together on the carpet! This week we worked together to think of the shapes that we could use to draw a cat. Once we brainstormed of the shapes we could use, the students were asked to draw a cat out of shapes on their own piece of paper! We even sounded out the spelling of the word cat!image



On Wednesday, the students got to see the final product of all of their Sukkah decorations! They were so excited to see the lulav and etrogs completed and put together! They were just as excited to see their handprint fruit decorations for the  Sukkah!


During Jewish Studies, Morah Miriam and Miss Rucha had our class in the Sukkah! We got to hang up our decorations and sit on the Sukkah floor and look up to see the sky! We listened to stories, sang Sukkot songs, and even got to see a real lulav and smell a real etrog! We got to eat a special snack in the Sukkah and the Day School students came in to show us their decorations.




During center time the students finished their letter S snakes with Miss Carolyn and met with me to begin a writing project. The students had to recall information from our focus book story and make up what the humongous cat ate. They were asked to use the shapes we had talked about to draw the humongous cat. Some of the students even used inventive spelling to sound out what the humongous cat ate!


Inventive spelling is a term you will begin to hear quite often in VPK.This type of spelling is where I help the student spell out words. The  spelling of the word is completely made of the sounds that they hear. I do not correct the spelling of what the children put. It is a great opportunity to work on letter sounds and handwriting. They always amaze me with their knowledge of letters and what sounds they hear in a word!

Before we said goodbye to our friends for the Sukkot holiday, we took a special trip to the courtyard to see some very special Sukkahs! Each school of the Galinsky Academy asked parent volunteers to help build a Sukkah. We got to see the beautiful Sukkahs and the decorations that the other students made. We also got to hang up a few of our own decorations to the preschools Sukkah! ( A huge thank you to Joseph’s dad and Elianah’s dad for building the Dubow Preschools Sukkah! )



Here are a few other pictures of your cuties (from the end of last week) 🙂

Your kiddos  got to have some fun with shaving cream! We finished our week of learning about Mouse Paint with using our fine motor skills to draw with shaving cream on the table! We practiced drawing our shapes, letters, and names in the shaving cream and the students had a blast.

image image image image image


A few pictures from lunch together:

After your child is done with lunch they are given the opportunity to read a book and talk with friends and teachers. They all love looking at books together and even “read,” stories to their friends and to Ms. Carolyn and myself!

image image

Last Friday, before our early release for Yom Kippur, we enjoyed Shabbat with our friends. Eva was our Ema, we had a wonderful Shabbat together!


A big todah robah to you all for sending in tzedakah for a fund for Miss Esther. We had a great conversation with Rabbi Lubliner during Shabbat about why we were collecting tzedakah for a special reason and the great memory of Miss Esther.


Your children handled this conversation extremely well and understood the reason of this special Shabbat. One of the students asked if Miss Esther was going to be at Shabbat, it was a bitter sweet moment for me, the student was so excited to think Miss Esther (b”l) would be joining us for Shabbat, but,very hard to explain to her that Miss Esther would not be joining in person for Shabbat.

Important dates:

October 13- Sukkah Hop from 9:00-11:00. A big thank you to all the parents who are able to drive for this special trip! Please remember to send in a labeled car seat for your child 🙂

October 15 – Noon Dismissal- Erev Simchat Torah and Shimini Atzeret. Kids Club Is available with a reservation.

October 16 and 17- No School. Simchat Torah and Shimini Atzeret

October 20- Parparim and Tzeeporim Vision Screening- More information to come.


Next week:

We will continue to learn about The Humongous Cat and the letter S. The following week we will work on Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Thank you!

Miss Lisa and Miss Carolyn