If a Dolphin Were a Fish?- December 1, 2014

Good afternoon!
After a long weekend and Thanksgiving break, Tzeeporim 2 started the week ready for our first “full” week of school- in what seems like FOREVER!
Our Focus Book this week is “If a Dolphin Were a Fish” and other ocean theme books. We will learn about the animals that live in the ocean and the differences between these animals.
Our letter of the week this week is the letter R.
We are learning what it means to add and continuing to work on labeling our pictures, rhyme words, and count the words in a sentence. We are also working on counting the sounds in a word and listening for the beginning sound of a word.


We began our Monday with predicting what our Focus Book would be- by dot-painting fish! Many of the discussions between students included where fish live, who can make the best fish face, and how our mommies feed the fish fish food when they are hungry 😉

image image image image image image image

During the morning time, we enjoyed discovering centers and playing with our friends. We even realized we had two Superman’s in our class today!

image image

Monday’s mean a very busy morning with two resources- Discovery Studio and Jewish Studies! Miss Amanda introduced our theme of Science for the month- light. We learned about the sun and how light gives energy, which helps things grow. Miss Amanda connected this to our upcoming holiday of Haukkah, beint the festival of lights.

We then got to complete the activity of the day- collecting objects to create a sun-painting. This was such a FUN activity, it was so interesting to see what objects the kiddos chose and how they looked with the sun’s energy creating an outline.

image image image image

Our class got a special treat while watering our garden- a pepper grew and was ready to be picked! We picked the pepper and enjoyed it during snack! We discussed what made the pepper grow and related it back to what we had learned about with Miss Amanda- light and energy.


image image image image image

During Jewish Studies, Morah Rachel and Miss Rucha began to introduce the songs for our Hanukkah program. We learned that we will be the Maccabi Soliders and discussed our upcoming trip to River Garden and how we will be performing all of the songs from our Hanukkah program!

Center time on Monday included making the letter “R” page for our alphabet book and sorting pictures of words that begin with “R” and do not begin with “R”.

image image image image image image image

Gym: In the afternoon, student’s traveled to Coach Goldman to learn about a new sport- basketball! Coach taught us all about basketball and we got to practice how to dribble a ball and even shoot some hoops (with Coach’s help of course!) All of the kids had a BLAST when Coach would bounce their ball so far and they got to chase after it! It was a wonderful afternoon of playing and having fun, while working on our gross-motor skills!


image image image image



Tuesday morning Tzeeporim continued to learn all about ocean animals. We began our morning craft- creating our own ocean scene. Students’ worked to paint their background, while other student’s worked to complete our letter “R” work.

image image image image

During our morning time we reviewed our “If a Dolphin Were a Fish” and discussed what animal we would if we could be an animal that lives in the ocean.

We all loved learning new facts about ocean animals. We practiced moving our hands to look like dolphins leaping in the air and how to move our hands like fish moving their gills. We also discussed breathing in and out and how we use our lungs to do so.

image image

We also learned that there was a new way of line up, with our numbers 13-25! This activity will help to make sure your child is familiar with these numbers before Kindergarten. Before Kindergarten, children should know numbers 0-30 🙂

image image

Center time allowed us to finish our morning craft. We were able to stamp animals to add to our aquarium and include real sand to our project! We discussed what animals we added to our aquarium and why the animals we chose would live in the habitat of water. We added glitter to our water scene and discussed the word glisten and why we chose glitter to look like the water is glistening.

image image image image image image image


Tzeeporim visited Miss Amanda for a fun time in PE. After walking to her like dolphins and using our echolocation to see if she could hear us, students began PE with stretches. The class continued to act out different animals and practice our using our gross motor skill to balance on the small balance beam Miss Amanda set up for us. We then got to have some organized free play and play with our friends!

image image


Student’s were able to create another ocean- based theme craft on Wednesday morning. We created fish with our hands and during center time we were able to label the parts of a fish- the eye, mouth, fin, and tail. This allowed the students to use their handwriting skills to work to copy letters and make a connection to what they were writing.

image image


We love free center time to spend with our friends and even to dress up as a postman and a doctor! 😉

image image image

During circle time we read our Focus Book and discussed what the main character, Delfina, was thinking throughout the story. This led to a student-led discussion about different animals, the bones that are in each animal, and how other background knowledge that they have about these creatures. This also led to many “how do you know” questions, which leads to the students having to use their critical thinking skills.

While meeting with Morah Miriam and Miss Rucha during Jewish Studies the class was able to practice more for our Hanukkah program. We even got to practice wearing our Maccabi soldier costumes!

image image


We began Thursday with meeting with Miss Zina to practice more for our Hanukkah program. We continued our morning with discussing the main characters and setting in our story. We reviewed punctuation and practiced the beginning sounds of our letters. We also created our very own seaweed with paint with glitter to add to our paper plate aquarium scenes.

image image image


Our class loves to spend time together outside, enjoying our beautiful weather!


We were lucky enough to have a Mystery Reader- Ben’s mom! We were all so excited to have Ben’s mom join us to read and LOVED the book she read! We even got a special surprise- our very own mezuzahs! A BIG thank you to Ben’s family for this special surprise!!

image image


During center time student’s participated in a wonderful craft- thanks to Miss Silvia! Take a peek at our pictures below where we were able to paint rubber fish to stamp on paper- we loved looking at the details and texture of our paintings- SO much fun! 🙂

image image image image image image

We will end our week with Shabbat. Sophie will be our Ema and Levi will be our Aba. The December Ema and Aba list was e-mailed to you. Please let me know if you have any questions. I will do my best to accommodate any needs that you may have and remember… we love having visitors for Shabbat! 🙂

Important Dates:

December 15- VPK trip to River Garden- please let me know if you are able to drive and how many children you can fit in your car.

December 17- Hanukkah program 5:45 PM

December 18- Hanukkah Party– More details to come. Please let me know if you are able to help our class make latkes- ingredients will be supplied. Also, we would love to have you join us for this  fun morning that will be filled with cooking, crafts, and Hanukkah games!

December 22-January 2- Winter Break- Winter Camp is available – please see Dina for more information

January 5- School resumes

Todah Robah,

Miss Lisa and Miss Carolyn