If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Good afternoon Tzeeporim families and friends,

We enjoyed a wonderful week back together in our classroom. We jumped right back into our morning routine by arriving to school on time, putting our backpacks in our cubbies, washing our hands, completing the question of the day, and starting our morning activity. Thank you parents for ensuring a smooth transition back on Tuesday by assisting with getting reacquainted with those routines!

Our letter of the week this week was K. Together, we brainstormed a long list of words that began with the letter K, including king, kite, kindergarten, kiss, and kangaroo. During our morning routine, we practiced tracing the letter K.


We used dry erase boards to write the letter K independently.

img_20170103_111648 img_20170103_112152

In small groups, we transformed our letter Ks into kings by adding crowns and sparkling jewels.

img_9248 img_20170104_103653

We worked on sculpting all of the letters of the alphabet using playdough.

img_20170106_082639 img_20170106_082645

Our number of the week was 18. We practiced tracing, counting, and identifying the number 18.


We enjoyed working in Centers, especially our dramatic play and blocks centers. Those centers give us the chance to use our imaginations and work on important early literacy skills.

img_9264 img_9271 img_9274

This week, we did an author study on Laura Numeroff. She is the author of several fantastic books, including If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, If You Take a Mouse to School, If you Give a Moose a Muffin, and If You Give a Pig a Pancake, among many others.


We read all of the aforementioned books this week at school and gained a great sense for Numeroff’s writing style which uses a consistent pattern. We recognized the alliteration in the titles, and created our own book titles using alliteration.

We have used our names to count syllables since the beginning of the school year and this week, we began counting the syllables for our vocabulary words. We learned a new technique for counting the syllables in words. We placed our hands under our chins. Each time our chins moved down, we counted that as a syllable.

After reading If You Take a Mouse to School, we worked one-on-one with a teacher to write in our journals. We each wrote about our favorite thing to eat for lunch. Some of our friends like jello, others like cheese puffs, and some like ice cream! Then, we had the opportunity to share our writing and illustrations with the class.

img_9251 img_9252 img_9253 img_9254 img_9255 img_9257 img_9258 img_9259 img_9260 img_9261

During P.E. this week, we had the opportunity to do free play in the indoor playground. We had SO much fun getting to choose our own activities and using equipment we haven’t used much this year like tunnels, hula hoops, and jump ropes.

img_20170103_104045 img_20170103_104100 img_20170103_104111

img_20170103_104210 img_20170103_104449 img_20170103_104500

During Jewish Studies, Morah Miriam and Morah Rachel, taught us about King David. We learned that when King David was a young shepherd, he fought a giant named Goliath and won!


In Music with Ms. Zina, we continued to practice songs like “Do Rei Me” and we danced the “Hokey Pokey.” Ms. Zina asked us if we remembered the three ballets that Tchaikovsky wrote, and we remembered they were “Swan Lake”, “Sleeping Beauty”, and “The Nutcracker.” She was very impressed with our memory!

img_9278 img_20170105_110841

In Science, with Ms. Amanda, we learned about robotic coding and we practiced our coding skills using Code-a-pillars. We took turns practicing making the code-a-pillar move from a starting line to a finishing line. It was a very engaging learning activity!

img_20170105_093910 img_20170105_093915 img_20170105_094113 img_20170105_094750We culminated our week by enjoying a surprise Mystery Reader. We were so excited to listen to two fantastic stories, one about following rules and the other about Tu B’Shevat.


We welcomed Shabbat with our classmates and our other friends in Tzeeporim and Parparim.


We are looking forward to wonderful week in Tzeeporim again next week!

Shabbat Shalom!

Ms. Alicia and Ms. Carolyn