If You Give a Pig a Pancake…

Dear Tzeeporim families and friends,

Did you know that if you read If You Give a Pig a Pancake to a class of prekindergarten students, lots of phenomenal things might happen?

If you read If You Give a Pig a Pancake to your students, they might recognize that the title has two words that start with the letter P! If they recognize that those words start with the Letter P, then they might create a Letter P List with a PLETHORA of words that begin with P, like pizza, princess, potato, plane, puppy, and popcorn. If they come up with a list of words that begin with the letter P, they might realize that P is their Letter of the Week and be inspired to practice writing the letter P to improve their fine motor skills.

If they finish writing and tracing the letter P, they might decide to turn a pink P into a pink pig for their ABC Books.

If they finish their page for their ABC books, they might decide to dot-paint the letter P because they realize the word PAINT starts with P as well!

When they are finished painting, they will realize it is time to PERFORM at River Garden! They will take a Field Trip to River Garden and perform Hanukkah songs perfectly for all of the seniors to enjoy. They will probably be proud to do a mitzvah and even enjoy sufganiot (doughnuts) as a sweet treat after the peformance!

After they perform, the students will decide to have a Chanukah Party and invite their parents to come celebrate too! They will listen to stories from PJ Library, play dreidel in small groups, eat a plethora of delicious snacks, including perfectly crispy, golden latkes prepared in the preschool kitchen.

If they have a Chanukah party, then they will go to Gardening with Ms. Heather afterward. Ms. Heather will teach them all about sweet POTATOES and how to make sweet potato people slips that will sprout over Winter Break.

Then, in Jewish Studies, the students will talk about presents that they received for Chanukah and Morah Miriam will read them a book about being grateful for what they have.

If they read a book about being grateful, they might return to the classroom to listen to their peer discuss all of the amazing adventures she had with Pete the Cat in Seaword. She will tell the class about drinking lemonade, ice, and seeing penguins! The students will be so excited to realize that the word penguins starts with the letter P as well!

After sitting on the carpet and learning about Pete’s adventures, the students will realize they want to sing and move! They will go to Music with Ms. Emily and play rhythm sticks. They will listen to songs and prance around the room!

If they do a little movement in Music, they will want to learn about movement in Science with Ms. Heather. She will ask them what kind of things fly in the air and they will say things like butterflies, insects, and planes! She will give each of them a paper bag and they will use the contents to build their own hoop gliders, which fly just like planes!

During Storytime, if you read If You Give a Moose a Muffin the students will start to realize that all of these incredible Laura Numeroff books have similar story structures. They will want to create some of their own stories.

They will work diligently in Writing Center to create their own books with the a similar title and share them with the class.

If they finishing sharing their stories, they will enjoy an engaging Mystery Reader!

If they listen to the Mystery Reader, they will walk in a parade to welcome Shabbat together with their preschool pals.

If they enjoy Shabbat with their friends, they will want to wrap up the week by sharing their Show and Tell items that start with the letter “P”, like pirate ships, powerful trucks, puppies, & even, Peppa Pig!

We had a positively perfect week learning about the Letter P and reading Laura Numeroff books. We are so excited to join together again soon and learn new things on our Tzeeporim journey together!


Ms. Alicia & Ms. Carolyn