Kachol v’Lavan

Shabbat Shalom Tzeeporim families and friends!

The weather outside was just stunning this week, and our class had a wonderful time learning both indoors and outdoors. We spent the week doing some end of the year evaluations, and learned a great deal about Israel and Yom Ha’Atzmaut (Israel’s birthday).

During our morning activity, we worked at the table on various activities to show how much we have grown since the beginning of the school year. We drew self portraits to compare to the self portraits we drew the first week of school. We wrote both our first and last names independently, to compare to our writing from the first week of school. We also cut different types of lines to see how developed our fine motor skills have become throughout the year.

We created art that reflected different things we learned about Israel. We painted our own Israeli flags using the colors kachol (blue) and lavan (white). We learned that the star in the middle of the flag is called a Magen David (Star of David), and that the Hebrew word for flag is degel. We continued practicing the Hatikvah, which is the National Anthem for Israel. We also created our own kachol v’lavan art collages. We used construction paper, watercolor paint, crayons, markers, and glitter to create unique works of art.

We used watercolors to paint Mizrach art to hang up at home. Mizrach means “east” and Mizrach art is meant to be hung on an eastern wall of one’s home or synagogue to remind them what direction to pray. We used yarn and string to make a decorative hanger for our art. Some of us even made patterns with the beads.

We had a special guest come to our classroom to read for PJ Library this week. Ms. Irit visited us and read a new PJ Libary book called Yaffa and Fatima: Shalom, Salaam , about two girls who live in Israel. Yaffa is Jewish and Fatima is Muslim. They are both friends and have many things in common even though they have different religions. Ms. Irit showed us the Israeli flag and taught us a song about the flag. 

We read several books during story time about Israel as well. We read Ella’s Trip to Israel, Dinosaur Visits Israel, and Let’s Visit Israel. Each helped us to learn more about our vocabulary words this week and enhanced our knowledge about Israel. Students came up to the board one at a time and told us a place they would like to visit in Israel.

To extend our understanding of Israel, specifically the Kotel, which is the last remaining wall of the Ancient Temple in Jerusalem, students worked in block center to build their own “Kotel”. There were many different versions.

We enjoyed a Synagogue Scavenger Hunt with our VPK buddies! We worked in teams to answer clues, find additional clues, and solve a word scramble to receive a prize! We learned Hebrew vocabulary words associated with the synagogue such as kippah, Shalom, bimah, & Aron Kodesh, and had SO much fun with our buddies!


In Jewish Studies, Morah Rachel and Morah Miriam taught us more about kachol v’lavan, Israel, and Yom Ha’Atzmaut. We read a Shalom Sesame book called Shalom Everybodyee about Grover’s trip to Israel. We took turns leading morning prayers. We know how to daven (recite prayers) “Modeh Ani”, “Ma Tovu”, “Shema”, and “Adon Olam” so well!

In Science, Ms. Amanda taught us how to tell the difference between an egg with a baby chick inside and one without a baby chick. We learned that if you shine a light through the bottom of an egg without a chick, the egg will glow yellow and you will be able to see tiny air holes in the shell of the egg. Conversely, if you shine a light through the bottom of an egg with a chick, the egg will remain the same and no light will shine through the egg.

Because the weather was so lovely, we enjoyed gardening twice this week. Earlier in the week, we helped Ms. Amanda cut herbs in the garden and hang them up to dry using close pins. It was an excellent fine motor activity. Students have also have been really enjoying all of the Jasmine that has been blooming on the playground and around the garden.

Later in the week, we helped Ms. Amanda gather up some vegetables and herbs that were ready to be harvested.

We enjoyed P.E. with Ms. Jackie.

In Music with Ms. Zina, we continued practicing some of our songs for the Tzeeporim Moving Up Ceremony in June. We also had fun doing the “Chicken Dance”.

We continued working on our number book. This week, we focused on numbers 3 and 4. We traced the numbers, and practiced writing them ourselves as well.

Our Weekly Reader this week was about the parts of a plant. It was a good introductory lesson for us, because next week we will start learning more about flowers in preparation for Mother’s Day. Our favorite part of the Weekly Reader lesson this week was the digital game we played. We each had the opportunity to create our own digital plant with roots, a stem, leaves, flowers, and fruit. We even got to pick something to water our plant, like a watering can, a garden hose, or a rain cloud! It was so much fun!

As an emergent writing activity, students drew a picture of and wrote about the place they would most like to visit in Israel. A lot of students want to visit the Dead Sea, but still others decided they might like to visit a shuk, a kibbutz, or the Kotel.

After writing, each student had the opportunity to “Show and Share” their writing with the class. They explained why they would like to visit the place they selected.

We began painting a poster that we will transform into a beautiful birthday sign for Israel’s birthday. We did so well working together on our creation.

We enjoyed not one, but TWO fantastic Mystery Readers! They read one of our absolute favorite books to us, The Book with No Pictures by B. J. Novak. We truly can’t get enough of this book. It is SO funny! They also read Press Here by Hervé Tullet. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the book!

We enjoyed celebrating Shabbat together with our entire preschool in the main sanctuary. Some of our friends even sang some of our Shabbat songs solo and in pairs for the whole school! We were all so proud of them!

We wrapped up the week by taking a large group picture with all of our VPK friends! It is hard to believe our year is coming to an end and that in a few short weeks we will be having our “Moving Up” ceremony!

We can’t wait to come back to school next week and celebrate Yom Ha’Atzmaut together. Parents, please remember to have your child wear something that is blue and white to school on Tuesday, May 2nd.

Shabbat Shalom!

Ms. Alicia and Ms. Carolyn