Leaf Man

Good evening Tzeeporim families and friends!

Last week, our Letter of the Week was C and our color of the week was black. We turned our letter C into a black cat with pointy triangle ears, whiskers, a triangle nose, and circular eyes.

Our theme this week centered on leaves. During Storytime, we read several books that related to leaves. The first book was The Big Leaf Pile in which Clifford the Big Red Dog was the main character. We learned about the importance of being a good friend and telling our friends the truth. We also explored two Lois Ehlert books about leaves. The first was Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf and the second was Leaf Man.

We absolutely loved the picture book Leaf Man because the illustrator used leaves to create images. For example, one page showed the image of a turtle made out of leaves and another page showed a real leaf man created using a Sugar Maple leaf and acorns. As an Art & Photography activity, our friends made their own leaf man collages and even photographed their own creations with the iPad. They were able to use pine needles, pine cones, acorns, and leaves that they had collected on our nature walk last week and combine them with mini pumpkins to create their own art. We were falling head over heals in love with their creations!

As open ended activity at Art Center, many of our friends did leaf tracing and leaf rubbings to create their own leaf inspired art. We loved that they colored their leaves some of their favorite colors and that no two leaves looked the same!

During Recess, the students were inspired by the leaf piles in the story The Big Leaf Pile. Many of our friends decided to work together, just like the characters in the story to make their own leaf piles. It was exciting to see them reenacting the story without any teacher prompting and demonstrating how to work together!

Our Weekly Reader this week was about Veteran’s Day. We read the digital version of the magazine together as a class, watched a short video clip about veterans, and then played some really cool pattern building games. As a culminating activity, we worked individually and in small groups to answer some questions about a map. We all did a fantastic job following directions and using our own sense of direction!

We spent a great deal of time interacting and communicating with others in our Learning Centers.

In Gardening, we learned how seeds travel. Ms. Heather read a book to us called The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle. We learned that sometimes seeds travel in the wind, and other times animals and humans pick up seeds on their clothing and transport them to new locations. We experimented with transporting seeds by creating wind by blowing through straws. We put socks our our hands to mimic people walking through the grass. We also created our own biodegradable planters out of toilet paper rolls.

In Jewish Studies, we learned about Yosef (Joseph) the son of Yaakov and Rivka. We learned about his coat of many colors! We began preparing for Thanksgiving. We practiced standing on the bimah and singing our songs.

In Music, we played with shaky eggs, did the ABCs with bells in our hands, and participated in a lot of engaging rhythmic activities with our rhythm sticks. The best part was tapping along to the rhythm of a song from the movie “Moana”.

We culminated our week with a fun Mystery Reader! Our Mystery Reader Mommy read some really cute books to us. Our favorite was one about Peppa Pig. We were all giggling together!

We enjoyed an all school Shabbat with all of our preschool friends, and had a wonderful ema and aba to represent our class. Our ema and aba even had some special guests, and we are so grateful they were able to join us!

We began thinking about the week ahead during Show and Tell. In anticipation of Thanksgiving, we brought in things from home that we are thankful for. We are thankful for toys, purple pandas, baby doll, trucks, turkeys, baseball, siblings, moms, dads, and glow sticks.

We had a great week last week learning about leaves! We can’t wait for the upcoming week when we will focus our attention on preparing for Thanksgiving, and the many things we have to be thankful for at school and home.

Todah rabah,

Ms. Alicia and Ms. Carolyn