L’Shanah Tovah Umetukah!

L’Shanah Tovah Tzeeporim Families and Friends!

Last week, we had a fabulous time learning about and preparing for Rosh Hashanah, the New Year. We talked about symbols for the holiday, such as a tapuach (apple), a rimon (pomegranate), a shofar (ram’s horn), and d’vash (honey). We made shana tova cards for our families and did lots of learning activities that centered on the symbols and themes of the holy day.

Our Letter of the Week was “T”. We made a terrific list of T words including words like tiger, today, Tuesday, and tomorrow.  We practiced tracing and writing the letter “T”.

We turned the letter T into an apple tree using green tissue paper and red paint. We wrote the word tree on our page and can’t wait to add it to our ABC books.

We learned about Rosh Hashanah during Story Time by reading books such as Sammy Spider’s First Rosh Hashanah and Apples and Honey. During Rosh Hashanah, we dip our apples in honey. We learned how honey is made by reading books about bees, such as Buzz, Bees!

Our vocabulary words were apple, honey, pomegranate, and shofar. We added the words to our Word Wall. We loved listening to our friend blow the shofar he brought from home.

We did a “Tapuach Taste Testing” for three different types of apples. We tried Macintosh, Gala, and Granny Smith apples. We each chose our favorite apple, colored it in, and added it to a bar graph. We determined that the Granny Smith was liked by the most friends in our class.

We played with honey scented playdough.  We used the dough to create our own “round challah”.

We did a Science Experiment together to test our hypothesis about whether or not apples float. We each made a prediction about whether we thought the apple would float or sink. We tested our prediction by putting an apple in a container of water and watching to see if it floated or not. As an Emergent Writing activity, we wrote about the results of our experiment in our journals.

In Jewish Studies, we continued to learn about Rosh Hashanah. Morah Miriam told us a story about an apple tree that wanted to be covered in stars. It was so happy at the end of the story when it learned that each apple on its branches had a star inside of it.

We also practiced doing Tashlich at the pond. We each took a little piece of bread and threw the bread into the pond, using it as a symbol for something we did in the past year that was not kind or thoughtful. We thought about the ways we can be kind to others and make the world a better place in the new year.

In Music, we did a movement activity where we stepped across the room in the same rhythm as the beat of Ms. Emily’s drums. We used our rhythm sticks to tap the beat to a song from the movie “Moana”.

In Gardening, Ms. Heather extended our understanding of the Water Cycle. We talked about run-off and worked together to make “Pollution Soup”.

We used water droppers to mimic rain clouds, and practiced creating rain.

We were so happy we were able to spend time outside on the playground with our VPK friends.

We had fun celebrating our friend’s 5th birthday. We enjoyed eating in our classroom and getting to have a sweet treat!

We hope you are already enjoying a sweet new year! We are looking forward to the upcoming week when we have the opportunity to learn about Yom Kippur and begin preparing our decorations for Sukkot.

Todah rabah,

Ms. Alicia and Ms. Carolyn