Noah’s Ark

Shabbat Shalom Tzeeporim families and friends!

We spent the week immersed in a thematic flood of all things “Noah’s Ark”. We learned about animals, boats, buoyancy, and even rainbows.

We commenced by introducing our Letter of the Week, which was letter “L”. We traced the letter L, we dot painted the letter L, and we even turned the letter L into a LION for our ABC books. We practiced holding our writing (and painting) utensils correctly to increase our fine motor abilities and enhance our pencil grasp.

Our Color of the Week was purple, and we enjoyed painting purple compositions using both purple matte and glitter paint. We painted on a vertical incline which helps our development in so many ways. While we are painting vertically we are improving our hand-eye and bilateral coordination. We enhanced our fine motor skills using purple play-dough, and we increased our print awareness by using purple ink pads and alphabet stamps to stamp names and create words.

During Storytime, we read books about Parsha Noah. Among our favorites were Noah’s Bed by James Coplestone and Jim Coplestone, Fox Walked Alone by Barbara Reid, and Why Dogs Have Wet Noses by Kenneth C. Steven and Øyvind Torseter. We continue to develop our preliteracy skills by identifying the title of the book, locating the spine of the book, distinguishing between the front and back of the book, and finding the title page of the book.

During Snack, we created our own edible arks using bananas, soy butter, and animal crackers. We all built our arks in different ways to hold our animals.

We learned about RAINBOWS as well. We learned “The Rainbow Song” by Rick Recht, and that the word rainbow in Hebrew is keshet. We designed our own rainbow bead necklaces. Some of us added beads at random to make beautiful necklaces, and some of us created patterns with our beads.

We performed a Science Experiment that required us to be VERY patient because it took two days to complete. On the first day of our experiment, we lined up seven cups. We filled four of them with water, connected them with paper towels, and then added red food coloring to the first and last cups, yellow to the third cup, and blue food coloring to the fifth cup. We made predictions about what would happen when we looked at the cups the following day. Some of us thought the colors might mix, some of us thought all of the cups would have brown water, and some of us even thought the cups might EXPLODE (because sometimes that DOES happen during a science experiment!) We were excited to return to school the next day and see that the water had traveled through the absorbent paper towels and mixed in the cups without water. We were left with a beautiful RAINBOW!

We enjoyed playing in our Learning Centers this week as well. We integrated our new knowledge about boats, animals, and rainbows into our play. For example, we drew animals in Writing Center, explored floating and sinking at the Sensory Table, and put animal figurines on boats in Block Center.

During Recess, we had fun using our gross motor skills and some of us even continued to integrate our new knowledge into outside play. We pretended the playground equipment was an ark. We drew boats and arks on the ground using sidewalk chalk.

In Jewish Studies, we learned that Parsha Noah, is the second parsha in the Torah, after Beresheet (“In the beginning”). We learned that Noah built an ark, and that HaShem made it rain for 40 days and 40 nights. We discussed that a rainbow is a promise from HaShem not to flood the whole earth again. We made a delicious edible ark, and ate it for dessert at lunch one day.

In Music, we practiced the rhyming song we did last week. We are becoming so skilled at using “rests” when we play our instruments!  We talked about the different moods of music and the reason why they put different songs in movies to help us feel a certain way. We listened to the “Kakamora” song from “Moana” and talked about how it made us feel excited and nervous.

In the Discovery Studio, Ms. Heather extended our understanding of arks, and boats in general, by teaching us about floating and sinking. We each constructed our own boat using aluminum foil and then we tested the boat in the water to see if it would float or sink!

To extend our understanding of floating and sinking, we bought in items from home that we thought would float. During Show and Tell, our friends shared what item they brought and then tested it in water to see if it would float. Our friends did a fantastic job selecting items that would float!

We had fun celebrating our friend’s Birthday by eating in the classroom and enjoying all of the delicious things her mom brought in.

We enjoyed a special Mystery Reader mommy who read so many fantastic books to us! We loved the book What Do You Do With an Idea? by Kobi Yamada- it really got us thinking!

We culminated the week by welcoming Shabbat in the chapel with our friends, family members, and even Noah was there to help lead our service. Our ema and aba did a wonderful job, and we enjoyed a wonderful kiddush together back in the preschool.

We had so much fun this week learning together! We can’t wait to join together again next week when we get to explore concepts of COLOR and learn about primary and secondary colors! It is going to be a colorful and creative week for us!

Shabbat Shalom,

Ms. Alicia and Ms. Carolyn