One Little.. Two Little..Three Little Pilgrims!

Tzeeporim 2 has been busy preparing for Thanksgiving and our Thanksgiving program that will be on November 26th at 10:30 AM 🙂
Our Focus Book, “One Little, Two Little, Three Little Pilgrims” went right with the upcoming holiday!
Our letter of the week this week is the little “C”. We have been discussing how “C” can make two sounds, /c/ and /s/.
Skills: This week we are continuing to work on our handwriting. We are continuing to identify the “5 W’s” of a story- who, what, when, where and why. We have learned a new game, Rock, Rock, Number which helps to practice the skills of number recognition.

Monday: We began our Monday with enjoying organized centers in the morning. Students were able to participate in legos, coloring, play-dough, or puzzles with their friends-which we all love to do!


We continued our morning with learning the term thankful and making a class list of what we have to say ‘thank you’ too.


We then read our Focus Book. This story does not tell the traditional Thanksgiving story, but, discusses Pilgrim children and Native American children working in the field to prepare a feast to have with both groups of friends.
During center time, students worked with Miss Carolyn to complete one of their Thanksgiving crafts that will be brought home to use in your families Thanksgiving! During this time, I called students over to draw a picture of what they are thankful for. Student’s were asked to label their pictures either with the beginning sound of what they drew, for example, “F” for family, or use inventive spelling to write what they drew.


Jewish Studies: During Jewish Studies Morah Rachel and Miss Rucha introduced us to the story of Hanukkah. We began to learn songs for our Hanukkah program, which will be held on December 17 at 5:45 PM. (More details to be sent home soon)



Tuesday morning our class continued to focus on our Thanksgiving craft! The student’s added the final details on their crafts, which have all turned out SO cute! 🙂

image image

Our morning continued with a very special event- VPK Buddies! Our buddies joined us for a special Thanksgiving meeting. We listened to “Pete the Cat- Thanksgiving”. We learned so much from our buddies who taught us all about the Pilgrims and Native Americans! After the story was read, we create Thanksgiving cards with our buddies.

image image image image

In a few days, the middle school will be doing a Mitzvah Project and delivering turkeys to families who are in need. Our cards that we made with our buddies, will be placed in the Thanksgiving baskets- to send more joy during this holiday! We all LOVED seeing our buddies and cannot wait to see them again, on December 16!

After saying Shalom to our buddies, Tzeeporim continued our morning of learning (and staying WARM!). We  looked at our calendar and our pattern of the days of schools. It’s hard to believe that we are on day 58 of school! WOW!

Due to the very COLD weather, Tzeeporim had a indoor recess. During this time, we participated in an interactive games on  This is a great website that helps kids exercise and get energy out when we cannot get outside. The kids were all ADORABLE doing these songs, which included, acting like robots, stretching our legs and arms, and other silly songs.


During center time, we continued to learn about the letter C. Student’s completed their letter C pages for their alphabet book. Our C’s were turned into “cats”, we even wrote the word all by ourselves! Student’s also colored in pictures of things that started with the hard /C/ sound.


We also made time to enjoy free center time and to complete the end of our Pumpkin Investigation from last week- to see if a pumpkin would float or sink!



We  got the opportunity to go visit Ms. Amanda and her winter wonderland! Ms. Amanda surprised us with a very special activity- making “snow”! We also got to create our own snowflake to take home! Miss Amanda taught the students about the habitats that animals live in and what animals we would find in a snowy environment.

image image image image image image image


We began our morning with doing the last and final step to our Thanksgiving craft! We sent the crafts to Ms. Dina to get laminated so that they will be ready to be sent home before Thanksgiving Break! Our morning continued with discussing the setting of our story and reading “All of Me!- A Book of Thanks”- This book taught us how we have to be thankful for everything, including ourselves. Our morning continued with a discussion about capital letters and punctuation. They all did so wonderful with this “Kindergarten activity”!

During center time student’s continued to work on recognizing the the letter C. We also created another Thanksgiving project. We turned out handprints into Native Americans. We will finish this project tomorrow, when we use our handwriting skills to write on our craft.

During Jewish Sudies, Morah Miriam and Miss Rucha continued to teach us about Hanukkah. We learned new songs that we will be singing at our Hanukkah program!


We began our Thursday with Music with Miss Katherine and continuing to practice for our Thanksgiving program. After Music, the rest of our morning was spent discovering if things sink or float. Students got to participate in different experiments discovering what sinks and what floats.

image image image image image image

We also finished our handprints that were made into Native Americans. The children used their handwriting skills to write the word “thanks”, since that is what the Pilgrims said to the Native Americans!


Important Reminders and Dates:

Please send in the items for our Thanksgiving program by Monday. Your child’s costume will be them dressed as a mother or a father (or any other family members). Please do not buy anything for this costume, if you cannot find a costume, please let us know and we will find one at school. 🙂

We have begun using a new behavior management technique. If your child’s clip hops down to yellow or red, they will fill out a self assessment sheet. This sheet will be completed privately with Ms. Carolyn or myself. It will allow us to discuss what would have been a better choice to make and allows for this discussion to be continued outside of school.



November 21-  No School. Teacher In-Service Day. Kids club is available with a reservation.

November 24- Please have costumes for our Thanksgiving program sent in

November 26- Intergenerational Day- Thanksgiving program at 10:30 AM – Noon Dismissal. Kids Club is available with a reservation.

November 27-28- No School/No kids club- Happy Thanksgiving!

December 15- River Garden Trip- more details to come. Please let me know if you are able to drive for this trip. 🙂

December 16- VPK buddy visit

December 17- Preschool Hanukkah Program-5:45 pm

Thank you!

Miss Lisa and Miss Carolyn