Rain Rain Go Away!


This week Tzeeporim 2 has been focusing on the book “We Play on a Rainy Day” and other weather related books. This book could not have been any more perfect for this week, which has been filled of rainy weather and a lot of indoor recess!
Take a peek into our week:
Art projects: Through out the week we have created different crafts with our theme. We started our week by dot painting umbrellas that led us tot think what umbrellas are for and why we need them when it rains. On Tuesday, we created “cloud art”. During this activity students were given a blue piece of paper and were asked to use their fine motor skills to put a cotton ball on a clothes pin. The cotton ball was dipped in white paint and the children were able to decorate their paper to look like clouds. The children were then asked what their cloud paint looked like (we have some big imaginations in our class!) This art project went right along with “The Little Cloud” by Eric Carle.

On Wednesday, we created coffee filter rainbows. The children were able to color the filters with marker and then see what happened when water was sprayed on it! Following this art project, we read “The Rain Came Down” by David Shannon.
Through out the rest of the week, we will read other books about weather and discuss the similarities and differences of the books that we have read.

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Skills block: During our Skills Block this week we have been focusing on recognizing that letters make up words. We have clapped different words from the book and looked at the words that are on the word wall. We have also continued to work on our recognition of letters, numbers, and shapes. The children have been working on holding conversations for meaning- We have talked about our favorite part of the book we have read and the feelings of the characters in our books.

Writing Block: This week the students have continued to work on controlling writing utensils. Students have held a group conversation about our favorite toys and then were asked to draw a picture and dictate to a teacher what they drew (keep an eye out for these wonderful illustrations to be up in our room soon! ūüôā )


Letter of the Week: The letter of the week this week is the letter “Z”. We have listened to songs about the letter, heard poems, and came up with many “Z” words.


Science/Math: With reading about weather, we have also learned about the sun and the moon. We have talked about what we do during the day and during the night and what our favorite parts of that time of day are. We continued our discussion of environments and what we can do to help our classroom environment!

Music: Every week Ms. Carolyn and myself pick songs that are related to the story and theme that we are learning. This week we learned songs and poems about rain and different types of weather. The students loved singing “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring” and dancing to the “Rainy Day Pokey”.

Centers: During centers this week I have been pulling your children to complete the  VPK Assessment. The students have all done wonderful so far! Once the data is submitted and we are given a report, the results will be given to you.

A friendly reminder: Please remember this assessment is to help us to get your child to grow academically. The results of the assessments will help us to plan and make sure that we can provide enrichment activities so all students will be prepared for Kindergarten. The results that will be sent home regarding the first assessment are just a base for where your child will be towards the end of the year. At the end of the year you will be able to see a huge difference!

Ms. Carolyn has been working on name puzzles (recognizing the order of your name), letter “Z” sheets, and other enrichment activities from our week.

IMG_6380 IMG_6381


Resources: This week we have begun learning all about Rosh Hashanah! Morah Miriam, Morah Rachel, and Miss Rucha have worked on songs and stories with us about this special holiday.

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IMG_6195 IMG_6197 IMG_6207 Mara & Mom  Mystery Reader20140905_103630

We had a great Discovery Studio time with Miss Amanda on Monday. She taught our class about¬†sinking¬†and¬†floating¬†and we got to come up with our own¬†hypotheses¬†about what the object would do. It was a great class and you all have some little scientists on your hands! ūüôā

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A friendly reminder: If you have not already done so, please¬†fill out and return the ASQ’s. These forms are very important and help to plan individual lessons that are beneficial to¬†your child. Also, please make sure to sign the Guiding Stars form. This form is provided by a program that we are going through to be certified as a highly qualified preschool. The program is doing research and may assess your child (with fun learning games) to be used in the research. This would mean that our mentor, Miss Julee, would be scored on how well the children she is working with are doing. If you have any questions please let me know.

Please note: At the end of every month¬†please make an¬†effort to come into our class so that you can sign the VPK Attendance Sheet. This is¬†required by the state of Florida to ensure that our program can keep funded¬†ūüôā¬†

Important dates:

September 17- Individual Portraits. Please note- if you would like siblings from the DuBow Preschool and/or MJGDS to have photos taken together, please send in a note. Unless a note is received we cannot take siblings out of their class.

September 24- Noon Dismissal- Erev Rosh Hashanah: Kid’s Club is available with a reservation.¬†

September 25 & 26- No School/ No Kids Club- Rosh Hashanah

Thank you!

Miss Lisa and Miss Carolyn ūüôā