Shake Your Lulav and Your Etrog!

Chag Sukkot Sameach Tzeeporim families and friends!

We were completely engrossed in nature and creativity last week as we prepared for the holiday of Sukkot.

Our Letter of the Week was letter E. We compiled a list of E words, including etrog, egg, eight, and names like Emily, Erika, and Eli. Using construction paper, we made a letter “E” hatch out of an egg as a page for our ABC book.

We enjoyed time playing in Learning Centers. We had conversations with our friends and conversations with our teachers to broaden our understanding of various concepts and promote positive social interactions.

Our theme of the week was Sukkot and we spent time preparing for the holiday through stories, songs, crafts, and a STEM experience. Our color of the week was GREEN, and it was fun to make a lulav with  green branches to pair with the laced etrog we created the week prior.

We began creating decorations for the synagogue sukkah. We used watercolors to paint apples to hang.

We worked collaboratively to made a sukkah collage using pictures of ourselves, and pictures of fruit and vegetables.

We made individual sukkah collages as well. Each student made their own version with a picture of themselves standing inside a sukkah holding both a lulav and an etrog.

Our number of the week was 5, and we spent time learning about the five senses with our Weekly Reader entitled “Exploring Autumn Leaves”. We learned that we can see the different colors, we can hear the crunching sound of the leaves beneath our feet, and we can feel their bumpy texture. We also learned that the leaves from different trees change color differently in the Autumn. For example, a leaf from one tree might turn red, but a leaf from a different tree might turn orange or even yellow.

We went on a Leaf Scavenger Hunt outside. We each collected pine cones, acorns, and fallen leaves that had begun to change colors. Inside the gazebo, we used our fall leaves to do some leaf rubbings. We could really see the veins of the leaves on the paper!

In Gardening with Ms. Heather, we glued butterfly flower garden seeds to Magen David (Star of David) construction paper cut outs. Ms. Heather sent them home with us with a message to plant our flower seeds to celebrate the start of the new year. We hope our seeds grow as much as we do this year! We also painted garden markers to help us identify some of the things that we see in the garden.

In Jewish Studies, Morah Rachel and Morah Miriam talked to us about building a sukkah. We learned that a sukkah has at least three sides and branches on the roof to enable to us to see the stars as night. The covering is called a schach. In Florida, a lot of sukkot use palm branches for their schach. We enjoyed putting up our decorations in the sukkah and hope our synagogue friends enjoy looking at our creations.

After visiting the synagogue sukkah, we watched “The LEGO Sukkot Movie” which was a brief stop motion animation about Sukkot from the website BimBam. (We think the grown-ups we know would enjoy it too.) Then, we worked either individually or in groups to create our own sukkot using materials like LEGOS, Magna-tiles, and wooden blocks. We added construction paper palm branches to the top of them to make sure they were as authentic as possible!

Morah Rachel and Morah Miriam put out a pretend sukkah for us to enjoy. We practiced fulfilling the mitzvah of sitting (or dwelling) in the sukkah.

We had fun last week, but we are looking forward to the upcoming week when we are able to celebrate Sukkot together as a class and prepare for Simchat Torah!


Ms. Alicia and Ms. Carolyn