Good morning Tzeeporim families and friends!

The last two weeks, we learned about the holiday of Sukkot, when HaShem gave the Jewish people the Torah and Ten Commandments. We read many books about the holiday, including Sammy Spider’s First Shavuot, Sadie and the Big Mountain, and No Rules for Michael, among others.

We learned all the Ten Commandments, and used watercolors to paint them as a morning activity.

We created flower crowns for the Bikkurim festival.

We read the story The Art Lesson: A Shavuot Story about a grandmother who teachers her granddaughter how to make paper-cuttings for Shavuot. We created our own and hung them on the window.

We enjoyed a final activity with our VPK buddies. We played “Summer Bingo” and then our buddies joined us in our classroom to play in our favorite centers.

We celebrated a friend’s birthday in class. His mom made us each our own monogrammed superhero capes. We had fun decorating masks and wearing our capes in the classroom. We ate lunch in our classroom and enjoyed yummy cupcakes for dessert!

As an end of the year celebration, our wonderful Room Parents put together a fun and fabulous VPK Senior Prom. We had fun dressing up, playing games, dancing, and eating snacks together.


We enjoyed a wonderful Mystery Reader.

We welcomed Shabbat together as a class with our Parparim and Tzeeporim friends.

When we returned to school the next week, we put on our flower crowns, dropped off our canned and fresh fruit, and joined with the big kids from MJGDS for a Bikkurim festival. We said the Ten Commandments in English and the day school students repeated them in Hebrew.

We brainstormed rules for a “Pool 10 Commandments” list. When we were finished priming our prior knowledge, we read the digital version of our Weekly Reader aloud.

We worked in centers on a variety of learning tasks. In “Computer Center”, we played a sight word game. In “Science Center”, we worked on a dinosaur puzzle. At the “Sensory Table”, we tried floating different sized boats in a tub of water. We also played with seashells and sand.

We celebrated our last Shabbat of the school year. Our VPK buddies surprised us and joined us to welcome Shabbat!

Todah Rabah,

Ms. Alicia and Ms. Carolyn