Silly Sally

Good afternoon Tzeeporim families and friends!

Last week, we got in touch with our silly side while reading some silly books with catchy rhyme schemes, brightly colored pictures, and lots of feelings. During Storytime, we read Silly Sally by Audrey Wood, and learned about word families. We began exploring the word family -at, and made a list of -at words like sat, bat, mat, rat, and cat. 

Pete the Cat made a come back! He returned to us from not one, but TWO exciting vacations with two different friends. Our first friend took Pete during the beginning of Winter Break to Texas. Pete got to visit a farm and had such an amazing time! Our second friend took Pete skiing in Utah during the end of Winter Break. Pete even got to go with our friend down the bunny slopes! How exciting! We had such an amazing time listening to our friends’ experiences with Pete. We can’t wait to find out where he is going next!

Our Letter of the Week was Nn. We turned the letter N into a NIGHT sky with a moon and gold stars. We made a list of N words including night, nice, no, number, and nurse.

At Art Center, we began working on crafts for our Shoobee Doobee Shabbat program. We collaged kiddush cups with brightly colored tissue paper.

At Writing Center, our friends have been really interested in using the felt boards and felt pieces to create stories. As they share their stories, they are conveying the plot of the story, using a sequence of events, and are sometimes even able to suggest a problem and solution. Using felt boards to share stories is just one way our friends are able to use their emergent literacy skills to build a foundation for becoming stronger readers and writers when they get to elementary school.

On a rainy day, we enjoyed Recess in the gym! We began by stretching to warm up and running a few laps around the gym. Then, we divided into two teams and did indoor races. It was exciting to compete against one another and we had to use good sportsmanship when we won and when we lost we race. After racing, we enjoyed some free play.

In Jewish Studies, we learned about the upcoming holiday of Tu B’Shevat. We pretended to be olive trees growing. We also began practicing for our Shoobee Doobee Shabbat and are so excited that we will each have a special part.

In Gardening, we picked snap peas and broccoli from the garden. During lunch, Ms. Heather cooked the vegetables and we each got to try some! Some of us preferred the broccoli and others preferred the snap peas.

We also reviewed sense of touch. We made our own sense of touch hands with a different texture on each finger to describe some of the textures we feel in the garden.

Our friends who stay in the afternoons enjoyed an enriching experience with Ms. Gutterman in Art. They worked on Tu B’Shevat tree art, and their art pieces were beautiful!

In Science, we learned about our sense of sound. We played a game with Ms. Heather where we listened to different sounds with our eyes closed and tried to guess what was making the sound. We had the chance to make our own sounds using rubber band instruments.

In Music, we learned a new song during which each friend got to play a different instrument. Ms. Emily was the conductor and she told us when it was our turn to play our instrument. We did a great job!

We had fun with Mr. B in Music in the afternoon as well. We did freeze dance, and he played familiar songs for us and we tried to guess the name of the songs. We also did some fun movement activities in which we moved our bodies around the room to the tempo of the music. Some music was slow, so we moved slowly. Some music was quick paced, so we moved quickly.

We enjoyed a special Mystery Reader mom, who came to read in celebration of our friend’s 5th birthday. She read a book to us about turning 5 years old.

We welcomed Shabbat with our DuBow Preschool friends. We had a wonderful ema and a fantastic birthday boy aba to represent our class.

After kiddush, we celebrated our friend’s birthday with a delicious yogurt and fruit treat.

During Show and Tell, we shared something with a pattern on it. We have been using various shapes and colors to create ABAB patterns since returning from Winter Break. We were thrilled to share some of the patterns we found at home with our classmates. We saw…

We wrapped up the week by eating lunch in our classroom to celebrate our friend’s birthday!

We had so much fun last week, but we can’t wait to share with you everything we are learning about SNOW this week! Stay tuned!


Ms. Alicia and Ms. Carolyn