Silly Sally

Good evening Tzeeporim families and friends!

Last week, our book of the week was Silly Sally by Audrey Wood. The book is a part of our January unit of study in the ELLM Curriculum, and we used it as a starting point to delve into the letter S, rhyming, and even discussing different feelings and emotions.

We brainstormed dozens of of words that start with the letter S, including sock, smile, and soup. We worked with Ms. Carolyn on our ABC page of the week. We turned our background into a night sky and added stars to our letter S.


We practiced searching for the letter S in text from a book we read called Dr. Seuss’s ABCs.

IMG_9442 IMG_9445IMG_9441Our number of the week was 19. We practiced tracing, writing, and counting the number 19. We jumped 19 times together. We counted 19 linking cubes and used the cubes to create objects. We determined if we have more than or less than 19 letters in our names.

IMG_20170111_082143 IMG_20170111_082736

We found our favorite letters on play-dough cards, and strengthened our hand muscles by using play-dough to practice letter formation.

IMG_20170112_082352 IMG_20170112_082632

During circle time, we continued singing about the days of the week and practiced our ELLM alphabet song.

IMG_20170111_091122IMG_9439We also have been adding new learning components to our Calendar activities. We have been identifying initial phonemes (sounds) in the days of the week as a way to develop phonemic awareness. We have been counting the syllables in each day of the week. We have also been practicing counting by 10s using our 100 days chart. We are getting SO close to our 100th day!


We enjoyed a lot of small group activities and time to work in centers this week. We continued to practice letter identification by using matching puzzles. We practiced working on word families by playing rhyming games.

IMG_20170112_113424 IMG_20170112_113438

Reading the book Silly Sally, gave us the opportunity to discuss our emotions. We talked about how people use different facial expressions to show how they are feeling. As an emergent writing activity, we drew pictures of ourselves feeling an emotion, and then completed a cloze sentence about our emotion.

IMG_9369 IMG_9370 IMG_9371

We practiced making different faces to show different emotions. Can you tell who is pretending to feel bored, embarrassed, or happy?

IMG_20170111_112121 IMG_20170111_112157 IMG_20170111_113905

As an art activity, we created our own splatter paintings! We had fun outside flinging the various colors of paint on our paper, and using different tools to splatter, including paint brushes and toothbrushes.

IMG_20170112_102717 IMG_20170112_103227

This week, our Weekly Reader taught us the terms same and different. We learned that we may have different colored hair, eyes, and like different foods, but we are all the same because we are all kids/people. We drew pictures of ourselves with our best friend to show our similarities and differences.


In Science, we had the opportunity to play with the new Lego wall. The wall will be rotating between the classes at the preschool and day school to provide STEAM learning activities for the kids. We had so much fun building on it this week.

IMG_20170109_113643 IMG_20170109_114835

In P.E., we began learning about football. We discovered that the person who passes the ball to the quarterback is called the center. We took turns playing both center and quarterback.

IMG_20170110_103945 IMG_20170110_104238

In Jewish Studies, we learned about the upcoming holiday of Tu B’Shevat (the New Year of the Trees) with Morah Rachel. We enjoyed an engaging movement activity where we pretended to be trees growing from seeds.

IMG_20170109_102316 IMG_20170109_102458

With Morah Miriam, we acted out a story about wise King Solomon and a bee. We learned that even the wisest of kings can be helped by the smallest of creatures, like a bee.

IMG_20170111_101458_1 IMG_20170111_101814

In Gardening, we helped to pull weeds and harvest lots of vegetables and herbs. We thought the cabbage looked beautiful. We also had fun sorting the different vegetables and herbs into separate containers.

IMG_20170112_091357 IMG_20170112_091915


In Music, we have already started to learn some of the songs for our VPK moving up ceremony. We are going to be such professionals by the time June rolls around!


At the end of the week, we took time to add our weekly vocabulary words to our interactive word wall.

IMG_9452 IMG_9453

Our Mystery Reader taught us all about various types of sharks. We even had the opportunity to touch real sharks’ teeth, including a tooth of the ancestor of a Great White shark. It was very cool!

IMG_20170113_093713_1 IMG_20170113_094819 IMG_20170113_095042

We enjoyed a Preschool Wide Shabbat and were so thrilled that so many of our parents were able to join us.


IMG_9454 IMG_9456

We culminated our week by enjoying an “S” themed Show and Tell. We met swinging snakes, and spotted dogs. We saw a container of soap, a scepter, and a soccer ball too! It was a lot of fun!

IMG_9459 IMG_9460 IMG_9463

We can’t wait for another super week this week!

Todah rabah,

Ms. Alicia and Ms. Carolyn