Solar System

Good evening Tzeeporim families and friends!

At the request of a few students, we took time last week to learn about the Solar System. We read books, analyzed posters, and watched YouTube clips about the Solar System. We started off by creating a KWL about the Solar System. We wrote down what we already knew about the Solar System and what we wanted to learn about it.

We used play dough to recreate the planets. Some of us created Jupiter, and others were inspired by Saturn’s icy rings.

We learned a mnemonic device for the order of the eight planets: My very energetic mother just served us nachos. It stands for: Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune. We used this knowledge to create our own Solar System hats. We cut the black crowns ourselves and added silver glitter to make the sky look like outer space. We colored in planets and then pasted them in order on our solar crowns.


We worked together to create a Solar System bulletin board. We used poster board and dot painters to paint each planet in the Solar System.

Some of us even created sparkling stars by using a stencil to trace stars on gray paper, cutting them out with scissors, and then adding glue and silver glitter to the stars.

We were all so proud to stand in front of our completed Solar System bulletin board with our Solar System hats!

As a science activity, we made prints on sun paper. We had the option of taking an object from the classroom or finding something from nature on the playground. We placed our item on the sun paper during recess, and after five minutes we removed the item to analyze the imprint it made on the paper.

We enjoyed a visit from Ms. Whitney from PJ Library Jacksonville. She read two stories about Shavuot to us, including The Littlest Mountain by Barb Rosenstock.

In the garden, we learned about the seeds inside of bean pods. We found out that you can dry the seeds and plant them into the garden to produce new bean sprouts and pods.

In Jewish Studies, we continued practicing for our Tzeeporim Moving Up Ceremony, and we began discussing Shavuot and the Ten Commandments.

In Centers, we continued learning about the Solar System. We practiced spelling space words, completed a Solar System puzzle, and used Magna-Tiles to make rocket ships!

We met a chicken that Ms. Rose brought in to show us!

We celebrated a friend’s 5th birthday. We enjoyed popsicles outside on the playground, and then a sweet treat after lunch. Thank you to our friend’s Mommy, big brother, and little sister for celebrating with our whole class!


We wrapped up our week celebrating Shabbat with our Parparim and Tzeeporim friends. It is hard to believe there are only two more Fridays to welcome Shabbat together between now and the last day of school!

We had so much for learning about the Solar System last week, we can’t wait to return to school tomorrow to continue to learn about Shavuot!

Todah rabah,

Ms. Alicia and Ms. Carolyn