The Big Leaf Pile

Good evening Tzeeporim families and friends!

We hope you enjoyed a wonderful three-day weekend together. The teachers all thoroughly enjoyed a fantastic in-service day on Monday, learning about fixed and growth mindsets and how to develop engaging STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Art & Design-Mathematics) activities to use in our classrooms. We are looking forward to integrating all of the new concepts we learned about into our class.

Last week, we focused on the letter O. We worked on our ABC books with Ms. Carolyn, and turned our Os into oranges.

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Our number of the week was 15. During our morning activity, we sculpted the number 15 using playdough. We were then able to use the play dough to make our own play dough creations.

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In small groups, we practiced tracing the number 15. We also worked on one-to-one correspondence. Each student counted out 15 linking cubes and showed us how to count up to 15. Then, they were able to use their 15 cubes to build something. Some students made shapes, others created dinosaurs, but all used their creativity!

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We worked in literacy centers practicing our spelling, letter formation, and independent reading.

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We had lots of fun on the playground together…

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…except for one morning when we couldn’t because of playground improvements. We all thoroughly enjoyed watching the construction that day and spending our outside time in the courtyard!!


Each day as a part of our Calendar routine, we find out what day of school it is and add that day to our “100 Days Chart”. Tuesday was Day 44, and because one classmate brought a really neat measuring tape to school, we decided to use it to explore the number 44 in a different way. We found 44 inches on the measuring tape, and then we used it to see which students were shorter than 44 inches, and which students were taller than 44 inches. We were surprised to discover that no one was taller than 44 inches!

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On Tuesday, we also took some time to learn about the election and the voting process. We read our Weekly Readers and learned about the words election, voting, ballot, and candidates. We also watched an online reading of the story Duck for President by Doreen Cronin. Afterward, we cast our own ballots and voted on whether or not we all wanted to have snack next, or practice our turkey dance for the Thanksgiving program.


After everyone cast their ballots to vote, we convened as a class to tally the votes using a bar graph. Then, we compared the bars to see which had more votes. Snack had more votes, so we all enjoyed a delicious snack before practicing our turkey dance.

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Everyone is getting excited about Thanksgiving quickly approaching, and we took this week to really focus on the fall season by doing a lot of leaf activities. We read a book called The Biggest Leaf Pile and we took turns retelling the story using puppets.

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We made independent reading books that related to our book of the week, and then learned a poem to help us remember the words.

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We did an emergent writing activity about fall as well. Ms. Carolyn asked everyone about their favorite thing to do in the fall. She wrote everyone’s responses on the board. Then, each student drew a picture in their journal to illustrate their sentence.

20161109_105855 img_726720161109_111345

We completed patterns using pretend leaves.

img_7255 img_7256We created leaf art using real leaves. We collected leaves on the playground, traced them onto orange paper, cut them out, and then glued them to plain paper.

img_7234 img_7236 img_7238

We also used red and yellow paint to make orange leaves on some fall trees.

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As an experiential learning activity related to the story of Noah’s Ark, the Critter Caravan visited the preschool and our students immensely enjoyed visiting with all of the farm animals.

20161108_110440 20161108_1105120 20161108_110904 20161108_110933 20161108_111116 20161108_111155 As an extension activity in Science, Ms. Amanda asked all of the kids to draw a picture of their favorite animal. Then, she discussed with them what a habitat is, and asked each student to create a habitat for their favorite animal on their paper using crayons and collage materials.

20161110_090453img_7294 20161110_0920540 20161110_091300

Last week in Jewish Studies, we learned the story of Avram (Abraham) who was the first Jewish person. We learned that as a child, he did not bow down to idols.

img_7264Friday was Veteran’s Day, and we talked about what it means to be a veteran and the sacrifice soldiers make for their countries and communities. We wrote letters to veterans thanking them for their service and wishing them a Happy Thanksgiving.


We also made cards for Israeli soldiers which will be collected and sent to Israel by our local Girl Scout troup. Thanks girls for helping facilitate such a meaningful mitzvah project for us!

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Our Mystery Reader read two Lois Ehlert books to us, and both of them were about leaves.


We welcomed Shabbat with Parparim, Tzeeporim, and many family members. We all really liked when Morah Miram and Morah Rachel acted out the story of Abraham and Sarah, and we enjoyed a great kiddush with all of our school friends.

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Todah rabah,

Ms. Alicia and Ms. Carolyn