The final stretch— May 28, 2014

This is it! The final “full” week of VPK has come! It is hard to believe that this is it- five days left of VPK!

Your little ones have come so far this year, academically, socially, and emotionally. I know they are all going to go far in their academic career, and I cannot wait to see them continue to grow and learn in Kindergarten!

This week we have had two very special days, on Tuesday we had our last PE with Coach Rebecca. The special part of this was that we got to use the big gym! We played our favorite, stuck in the mud, and practiced shooting a ball in the basket.

We read our Focus Book of the week, “Fish is Fish” by Leo Leonni. What a great book this is, and the students enjoyed reading it! We talked about how we have grown from a baby to a big kid and how the minnow and tadpole grew into big frogs and fish. We also discussed the ending of the book and why the frog had to push the fish back into the water, and how he was being a great friend by doing so!

We have continued to discuss the letter “L”  and came up with a long list of “L” words!

On Wednesday, we continued to practice for our “Moving Up Ceremony”- we are all getting so excited for the big day that is coming up! (June 3- 10:30)

We continued our day on Wednesday and got to experience our “Art Fun Day” which Miss Sylvia (who is the assistant teacher with the Doobonim class) and the Cummer Museum. We had a GREAT day, the students got to experience painting onto a moral that was created by the entire preschool. We got to paint with some fun tools and wear some cool “booties” over our shoes so we didn’t get dirty. The students kept asking all day on Thursday when we would be having Art day again, they had a blast! 

Thursday and Friday we will continue to practice for our Moving Up Ceremony. We will continue to read books about fish and talk about adventures and routines (we have been working on recognizing the difference of these words and coming up with examples of routines and adventures).

Important dates:

June 2: Margo’s will be supplying a free pizza lunch to all the students. Please let Ms. Dina know if you do not want your child to eat the pizza. (You will need to pack a nut-free, dairy lunch)  On this day we will also be celebrating our End of the Year celebration from 11:00-12:30. We will be celebrating with Miss Ashley’s class. Our celebration will include creating a snack, making a memory book, and enjoying playing with our friends on our last “full” day of school. Please feel free to join us for a picnic outside (or in the classroom, depending on the weather) from 12:00-12:30.

June 3- Bikurim Festival for Shavuot- VPK Moving Up Ceremony at 10:30 I hope that all of you will be able to join us for this day. It is an extremely important day for all students and they cannot wait to celebrate moving up to Kindergarten with their families! Please have your child dress in all white for the Bikurim Festival. ( This day is also a noon dismissal) Kid’s Club is available with a reservation.

June 4 & June 5- No School – Shavuot

June 6- Donuts with Dad- 8:15-9:00 – Last day of school- Noon Dismissal, Kid’s Club is available with a reservation : ) 

June 9-June 13- Kids Club Pre-camp

June 16- Camp KiTov begins

Take a look at our pictures from this week and keep an eye out for a special blog post of the year next week 🙂

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Todah Robah,

Miss Lisa