The Giraffe Made Us Laugh!

Shabbat Shalom Tzeeporim families and friends!

We had a sweet, but unexpectedly short week learning about the number 1, ovals, the color yellow and the letter X. We made a list of words that begin with the letter x, such as X-RAY, and words that end with the letter X, such as BOX. We made a new page for our ABC book, in which we turned the letter X into a XYLOPHONE.

During Storytime this week, we read several books about giraffes. Our primary text was the book The Giraffe Made Her Laugh by Rozanne Williams. The book is full of rhyming words such as giraffe and laugh, snake and cake, cat and sat, and cow and bow. We talked about how rhyming words are words that have the same ending sound, and that words can have the same ending sound even if they aren’t spelled similarly.

As an art activity, we each created our own giraffes. We painted them YELLOW, which was so exciting since it was our color of the week! We added ears, eyes, a mouth, a nose, spots, and ossicones, which are the small protrusions of cartilage that stick out of a giraffe’s head.

A second book we enjoyed together this week was called The Giraffe Who Was Afraid of Heights by David A. Ufer. This book was a sensational story of three animal friends who were able to overcome their fears in order to help one another. We talked about the ways in which the animals in the story were good friends. We extended our understanding of friendship, by reading our Scholastic Weekly Reader together. This week, our Weekly Reader was about two very different animal friends, a cheetah named, Ruuxa, and a dog named, Raina. We learned from them that sometimes we have to compromise with our friends.

We enjoyed a variety of Table Top activities this week, including tangram puzzles and playdough. We try to give students the opportunity to choose which activities they will work on based on their interests.

Students are also able to choose which Learning Centers they visit throughout the day.

On Tuesday, we ventured into the Levin Indoor Playroom for P.E. We enjoyed Animal Yoga together. We practiced a sequence of yoga postures and used our bodies to make different animals. We transformed into snakes, dogs, and even hopping bunny rabbits and frogs. We had fun making animal sounds and moving our bodies just like many of the animals in our stories this week.

Speaking of frogs, guess what we found outside on the playground? We found several beautiful tree frogs. We had wonderful conversations about their bright green color, and the importance of letting our animal friends have space to be in nature.

During Gardening with Ms. Heather, she taught us about the square foot gardening method. Each garden bed is going to have a theme, and the theme for our class is going to be a “Salsa Garden”. Our class is going to grow all of the vegetables we need to make salsa in our garden bed. In order to prepare, we practiced using the square foot gardening method by cutting and pasting what we would include in individual gardens.

As a culminating activity, Ms. Heather discussed the importance of fertilizing a garden to ensure the plants have the correct nutrients that they need to grow well. She said we can find some of the ingredients for fertilizer in our own kitchens. She gave each of us bananas, coffee grounds, and egg shells in a bowl. We ground up the ingredients with our fingers to make homemade fertilizer. Then, we put the fertilizer in our garden bed.

On Wednesday in Jewish Studies, Morah Miriam continued to enhance our understanding of Rosh Hashanah. She engaged us with a story about Enoch and the reason the ram’s horn was selected to be the instrument for Rosh Hashanah. We listened to Morah Miriam blow the shofar. Additionally, we learned a song for the holiday called “Ruach, ruach” about a tapuach (apple) that falls out of an etz (tree). We learned the motions to the song as well. It is so much to fun sing and so funny too!

On Thursday, we celebrated our sweet friend’s 5th birthday with his Mom, Dad, and older sisters! We enjoyed a delicious ice cream treat and sang Yom Huledet Sameach to him. We also had fun eating lunch in our classroom.

In Music with Ms. Emily, we learned a lot about rhythm and how to keep rhythm using instruments. We sang “Happy Birthday” to the birthday boy, and learned how to shake our shaky eggs to the beat of the ABC song. We worked in groups using a new instrument, bells!

In Science with Ms. Heather, we connected some of the animals we were learning about with an animal inspired learning activity. We read a beautiful picture book about animals who make nests called Mama Built a Little Nest by Jennifer Ward. Then, we went on a nature hunt in the garden and found materials to make our own nests. We each constructed nests out of twigs, leaves, grass, and other materials we found outside.

As a culminating activity, we did a MITZVAH to help our school prepare for the hurricane. We worked together as a team to bring in all of the tricycles and small outdoor toys from the playground. Our teachers and the maintenance staff of our school were all SO very proud of us for helping!

We want to wish you all a restful and peaceful Shabbat. We pray for everyone’s safety during the storm, whether you are traveling or staying home. We will be thinking about you all!

Todah rabah,

Ms. Alicia and Ms. Carolyn