The more we get together together..The more we get together the happier we’ll be!

This week Tzeeporim 2 has been focusing on friendship. We started our week with reading “Clifford Makes a Friend”. After reading this book, we made a list of what it means to be a good friend. We continued our week with reading other friendship books, “It’s Okay to Be Different”, “How to Loose All Your Friends”, and “Poindexter Makes a Friend”.


We made a friendship tree to show our friendship growing with each other and we drew and labeled a picture of what we like to do with our friends!


This week we have practiced sorting objects. This is a new concept that has been introduced and will take some time to really understand what it means to sort objects, we are all used to making patterns! But, the students did a great job learning how to sort!


We also started talking about cause and effect, in a very general way! We talked about our friendship book and what would happen if we did good or bad things. The students loved laughing along with the silly situations Ms. Lisa asked them!


This week I also began to assess the students on beginning and ending sounds. This is to make sure that they are grasping the concepts so that I can work on what the students still need help on.


We also worked on the letter “R” this week. We made “R” rainbows and thought of all the “R” words that we could think of!


Tzeeporim also learned some songs about friendship this week. We learned “The More We Get Together”,  “Jumping Song”, and sang one of our favorites: “The Name Game”.


Resources this week:

On Monday- we started our week with Science with Mr. Greg and Ms. Nancy! We got to make rockets and blast them off. It was a BLAST! The students LOVED seeing how high their rockets went!

We continued on Monday with Morah Rachel and Miss Rucha in Jewish Studies. We learned about King Solomon and how wise he was. The students got to act out the story with a baby doll and King Solomon finding out who the real mom was by saying that he would cut the baby in half- the real mom told him no and offered to give the baby to the other woman.


On Tuesday:  We had a special P.E. with Coach Marla! Although we missed Coach Rebecca, it was a special treat to have Coach Marla do P.E. with us! We played a game where we had to pass a ball and say the color of the ball that we caught. WOW that was a tough game!


On Wednesday- we had Jewish Studies with Morah Miriam and Miss Rucha. We continued to learn about King Solomon. We learned how wise King Solomon was with learning a story about how King Solomon found out which one was the real flower by sending a bee to see which one the landed on.

We also had a very SPECIAL day, we got to see our VPK Buddies!! Although we did not get to play on the playground together, our buddies got to come have snack with us and enjoy free play. It was a great time, the students LOVED seeing their buddies!!


Thursday we will enjoy Music with Miss Zina and our Friday we will celebrate Shabbat.  Vivi will be our Ema and Eli will be our Aba!


Afternoon Resources:

Monday- we got to enjoy the beautiful weather with Coach Goldman!

Tuesday- we decorated our special “Chef” aprons that Ms. Shereen got us! We will begin to use these every week during cooking time with Miss Gabrie!

Wednesday- Ms. Karin read us “Don’t Wake the Bear” and we got to color a picture that went along with this great story!

On Thursday we will enjoy Art with Ms. Gutterman and on Friday, we will get to go to Music with Mr. Sussman!


We celebrated Mason’s birthday on Wednesday and on February 20,  we will celebrate Joey’s birthday! Please note: We have Class Picture on February 19! 🙂 

Important Dates:


February 17- President’s Day- No School

February 19- Class Picture Day

February 28- Preschool Shabbat Dinner 5-7 pm

March 9- Community University


Take a look at our pictures from this week:

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