The Rainbow Fish

Good evening Tzeeporim families and friends!

Last week, we had such a busy week in Tzeeporim! We discussed the topic of friendship, and learned a great deal about fish, the letter F, and the number 9. We read the book The Rainbow Fish, and learned how important it is to share with our friends and be kind to them. We learned that seeing our friends happy, can make us feel happy as well.


Prior to reading, we created a word web using the word “fish.” Our class knew so many great facts about fish! We also used our knowledge to label a diagram of a fish.


We created rainbow fish using playdough.

20160914_084011 img_4829img_4828We painted our own rainbow fish and added beautiful scales just like the Rainbow Fish in the book.

img_4914 img_4915 img_4916

We also created a large and individual small rainbow fish. The scales of our large fish describe the traits we look for in a friend. Our individual small fish say something that is special about each student in our class.

img_4789 img_4791 img_4793img_4796We worked in small groups with Ms. Carolyn to create fish in the shape of Fs for our ABC books. We went “fishing” for numbers using a magnetic fishing pole, and did a great job recognizing our numbers from 0-9.

img_4779img_4857We learned all about Glamour during Show and Tell!


We had fun playing in centers. Our Writing and Dramatic Play centers get a lot of visitors!
img_4903 20160913_091444img_485620160913_092236

In Jewish Studies, we talked about all of the symbols of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. We learned the Hebrew words for honey (dvash), apple (tapooach), and pomegranate (rihmon.) Morah Rachel taught us that Shana Tova is the greeting we use during Rosh Hashanah to wish others a good year. We also practiced jumping to the sounds the shofar makes.

20160912_102720 20160912_103128The day school students came to blow shofars for us. Throughout the week, we talked more about the shofar in Jewish Studies and how it is used like an alarm clock to wake up our souls and remind us how important it is to be our best selves in the new year. We also found out that the shofar is a ram’s horn!

20160913_0843390 fb_img_1473706255129

In Science, Ms. Amanda came to our class to teach us about germs and the importance of using tissues and washing hands.


In P.E., Ms. Jackie taught us some fantastic soccer drills.

img_4784 img_4786 img_4788

In Music, Ms. Zina played songs for us on the piano and we were able to sing along with her.


On Friday, we learned all about a “flashlight” because it started with the letter “F”. After show and tell, we turned off all of the lights in our classroom and used the flashlight to sing the ABC song.


We were thrilled for our very first Mystery Reader of the year!  She read an Eric Carle book to us called, The Very Busy Spider. She also brought a small (pretend) spider for each student in our class to take home! It was such a thoughtful gift and we were all so excited.

img_4965  img_4967

We welcomed Shabbat together with our entire preschool at the Preschool Wide Shabbat.

img_4969 img_4972 img_4977 img_4981

As a culminating emergent writing activity for the week, we all wrote in our journals about a friend who is special to us.


We are eagerly anticipating another wonderful week in Tzeeporim. This week, all students are invited to bring in something on Friday, September 23rd for Show and Tell. We are learning about elements of art this week, so we are asking each child to bring in something special to them that is their favorite color.

Todah rabah,

Ms. Alicia and Ms. Carolyn