Tzeeporim 2- May 8, 2013

Good afternoon!

Tzeeporim has been VERY busy preparing for our Mother’s Day Shabbat! This week we have been preparing many different art crafts for our Moms and also making some goodies for all of us to enjoy  Friday after Shabbat!

We have been working on writing the letters J and K and continuing counting our days of school! ( The kids are getting AWESOME at recognizing what day of school it is, today is 154- Can you believe it?!)

We have also been learning about baby animals and their mommies. We read “Does Kangaroo Have a Mother, Too” and talked about the different names of animal babies- our favorite is a kangaroo- a Joey! All the kids think that is very funny!


Mr. Greg came to our class on Monday and we talked about different states of matter. We even got to play with “Oobleck” and see the different states of matter change from us playing with it!

Ms. Zina has been preparing us for our VPK graduation and practicing singing special songs that we will perform.

Morah Miriam and Morah Rachel have been talking to us about the ten commandments and Shavuot. We talked about the commandments and how important they are. We of course have been singing our favorite songs for Shabbat (We even put different tunes to Adon Olam today- that was fun!)





Important dates coming up:

We have a lot of important dates coming up until the end of school! I will be sending these dates home in a news letter, as well as in an e-mail to make sure all parents are aware of these events.

May 10- Mother’s Day Shabbat at 10:30 in our garden

May 14- Bikkurim Festival- please dress in all white and bring a can of food to donate. May 14 is also Noon Dismissal due to Shavuot.

May 15 & 16- No School – Shavuot

VPK Assessments will take place on May 20 and May 21- These are days where I will be pulling students one on one to complete the Florida VPK assessment. Please make sure to get here on time with a full tummy and lots of rest to make sure we do our best on the assessment!

May 23- PJ Library- Camp Fun Day!

May 27- Memorial Day- No School

May 30- Kindergarten Visit

June 5- 9-10 AM Water Days

June 12- Field Day from 10-11:30 and our end of the year party- More information to come!

June 13- Last day of school- VPK Moving Up Ceremony at 10:30

Whew! What a busy few weeks we have coming up. If you have any questions please let me know. I will be sending home more information about the June events and when volunteers will be needed.

Volunteers will be needed on June 12- We will need 4, for stations during the Field Day and I would love for everyone to join us for our End of the Year party which will take place before Field day from 9-10- I will send more information home regarding this day.

 Please let me know any questions, comments, or concerns. I look forward to seeing everyone at our Mother’s Day Shabbat and during the different events that will be coming up soon!

Thank you!

Miss Lisa 🙂