Tzeeporim 2 News- April 29, 2013

Good evening!

It’s hard to believe that it is almost May and we are almost done with this school year! This week has been full of learning and enjoying the beautiful weather!

Mr. Greg allowed us to see what it is like for birds to eat with their beaks. We are talking about different how different sized beaks allow the birds to be able to eat different things. We even had a race to see who could get the most food with the type of “beak” Mr. Greg gave us! Mr. Greg also gave us bird houses that painted together and got to take home- We sure do LOVE time with Mr. Greg and always learn SO much!

On Monday, we celebrated Lag Ba’Omer. We were lucky that we missed the rain and got to enjoy our popsicles outside on the picnic tables!

On Tuesday, we enjoyed music with Miss Zina where we are starting to practice songs for our VPK graduation. We also made our invitations for our Mother’s Day Shabbat program and got to play with some fun IPAD games that helped us with our handwriting! Morah Hanna played Memory during center time- the students are getting awesome at Memory and enjoy playing it!


A very happy Birthday to Jessica, who turned five on April 29! 🙂

The rest of this week will be filled with learning about gardening and Spring time. Hopefully the sun decides to come out for us so we can spend some time outside!

The Ema and Aba schedule for May and June was sent home today. Here is the schedule, if there are any conflicts with the scheduling of when your child is on the list to be the Ema or the Aba please let me know and I will do my best to fix the schedule. I have also included the tentative schedule for the Shabbat Box and Shoobie Doobie.

May 3:

Ema: Sarah

Aba: Elie

Shabbat Box:    Trey

Shoobie Doobie:  Adrielle


May 10:

Ema:  Adrielle

Aba:  Josh

Shabbat Box:  Sophia

Shoobie Doobie:  Elie


May 17:

Ema:  Moriah

Aba: Kaden

Shabbat Box: Lily

Shoobie Doobie:  Trey


May 24:

Ema: Kagan

Aba:  Ely

Shabbat Box:   Josh

Shoobie Doobie:  Danielle


May 31:

Ema: Lily

Aba:  Trey

Shabbat Box:   Ely

Shoobie Doobie:  Sarah


June 7:

Ema:  Sophia

Aba: Artem

Shabbat Box:  Kagan

Shoobie Doobie: Kaden


Important Dates:

May 1: Class Picture day. Class pictures will take place when school begins on Wednesday, so please try to have your child to school as close to 8:30 as possible.

May 3: Preschool Shabbat Dinner. It is still not too late to sign up for this fun evening with our Preschool family! Shabbat will take place from 6-7:30.

May 10: Mother’s Day Shabbat. Invitations were sent home today (personally made by your child! 🙂 ) Shabbat will take place at 10:30 in our garden. We will have Challah and juice after the program, as well as presents for Mom’s and Grandma’s.

May 30: Kindergarten visit- Our class will get the special experience to go check out Ms. Yegewel’s Kindergarten classroom at the Day School. This will help get some of the “Kindergarten jitters” out of the way and get to meet the teacher that some of our students will have next year!

Ms. Debby and I are starting to plan an end of the year party. We are tentively planning on having the party on June 12. As of now, we are planning a day full of messy, fun, outdoor activities. Once we get more solid plans I will send out a sign up sheet for activities we will need volunteers for. It will be a great, fun, and messy day and I think the students will have a BLAST!


Save the date! VPK graduation will take place on June 13.

Don’t forget to check out Camp KiTov. Stay with us at Camp KiTov for a fun summer in an environment your child knows and is thriving in.  Consistency, warmth, comfort and a fun, structured program is what preschool aged kids need and what they will find by choosing Camp KiTov, our DuBow Preschool summer program!  Mrs. Taylor will be working with the 1&2 year olds, Ms. Emma will be with the 3’s, and I will be with the 4’s. We would love see all of our kiddos!

Thank you!

Miss Lisa 🙂