Tzeeporim 2 News- December 10, 2013

Good evening!

It is hard to believe that Winter Break is so close! Now that Thanksgiving and Hanukkah have passed, we can really start focusing on some fun VPK learning!

This week we are enjoying books by Laura Numeroff. We have read “If you Give a Pig a Party” and “10 Steps to Training Your Monster”, and what fun those books were to read together! We will continue our week by reading “If You Take a Mouse to School” and “When Sheep Sleep”.

The skills we will be focusing on this week will primarily be, recognizing our last name, beginning sounds of words, and rhyming with real and non-sense words. (Non-sense words means that a student may say pig and lig, although lig is not a real word, it does show the student shows an understanding of what rhyming means. )

The letter of the week  is “S”. We will make “S’ snakes and brainstorm together to think of  “S” words.

During resource this week we have gotten to see Israeli Dancers that were visiting our synagogue with Morah Rachel and we got to practice balancing on “stilts” with Coach Rebecca. We also had a great ime with Mr. Greg on Monday!

Through out the rest of the week we will discuss this weeks Torah portion and sing along some of our favorite songs with Miss Zina! On Friday we will celebrate Shabbat- Aaron will be our Aba and Vivi will be our Ema.

Tomorrow, December 11, we will have our third VPK Buddy visit of the year! This visit will start at 9 AM. Please try to have your child to school on time so that they will have a full hour to visit with their buddy! 🙂

Important Information:

You may notice an “Oops!” letter in your child’s lunchbox. This letter will be sent home if a teacher notices something that was sent (or not sent) in your child’s lunchbox. This is not to upset you.. but, as a Jewish pre-school that are certain regulations that we must follow that are set by the Rabbi, as well as rules that we must follow for the safety of our students allergies.

Please remember: Our school is a peanut and tree nut free school , any food that looks like meat (even if it vegetarian) may not be brought into our school, and please remember to pack silverware that your child will need for their lunch. If you have any questions regarding this form do not hesitate to ask myself, Ms. Gabrie, or the office.

Important Dates:

December 11- VPK Buddy Visit- 9 AM

Dec 21- Jan 5: Winter Break- Winter Break camp is available, with a reservation 🙂

Dec. 21- Tiyul to Shul. The DuBow Preschool will be meeting at Crown Point Elementary and walk to synagogue. There will also be a special breakfast and Gan Shabbat! More information will be sent home soon.

Take a look at some of our photos from the past week!

securedownload-4 securedownload-3 Thank you to Mason’s mom for being our Mystery Reader last Friday! Also, thank you to Lucy’s Mimi for joining us for Shabbat!



Israeli Dancers! What a great performance they put on!

securedownload-1 securedownload

Science fun with Mr. Greg!


Todah Robah,

Miss Lisa and Miss Gabrie