Tzeeporim 2 News- March 5, 2013

Boker Tov!

This week has been filled with talking about farm animals. We have learned what animals lived on farms and watched videos of real kids visiting farms! In April we will be visiting the Diamond D Ranch, more details will come home soon.

Next Wednesday, March 13, we will have the opportunity to visit Trad’s and get to see a lot of different plants and even see some live chickens! All of the students are very excited for this trip, it will be an amazing experience! PLEASE let me know if you are able to drive. We will leave the school a little before 9 AM and return around 10:30 AM.

We have been working on our writing skills and segmenting different words. We are beginning to talk about the number zero and what this means to us. Next week we will start learning about caterpillars and frogs- we will have a VERY special visitor- Frank the Frog.

Special Dates coming up:

Ema/ Aba Schedule for March:

March 1:

Ema:   Sarah

Aba: Trey


March 8:

Ema: Jessica

Aba: Josh


March 15:

Ema: Kagan

Aba:  Elie


March 22:

Ema: Lily

Aba: The Aba today will be from Ms. Debby’s class- today is our Passover Sedar.

Other important dates:

  • March 8- Last day to sign up for Spring Break Camp.
  • March 11- ARMDI Ambulance will visit our school!
  • March 11- B’Nai Israel, a pre-school in Gainseville will be visiting our school.
  • March 12- Story time with Ms. Ilene!
  • March 13: We will be taking a field trip to Trad’s on March 13. The field trip will be from 9 AM- 10 AM. PLEASE let me know if you are available to drive. If you would like to drive, please let me know and I will inform Ms. Dina. If you have not driven for a field trip before this one, it is necessary for you to undergo a background check to drive.
  • March 21- VPK buddy visit 🙂
  • March 22- Model Passover Sedar at 11 AM. Our students will be practicing very hard for this Sedar, so if you can join us please let me know 🙂
  • Spring Break- March 25- April 2

Thank you!

Miss Lisa