Tzeeporim 2 News!

Good afternoon!

We have had yet another fun filled week in Tzeeporim 2. Our week started out by having a fantastic time with Mr. Greg on Monday. We made ICE CREAM! The kids were fascinated by the experiment and even got to try a taste! We started practicing for our Shoobie Doobie Shabbat with Morah Rachel and Morah Miriam. We are performing “Goodnight Moon” along with a few of our favorite Shabbat songs!

Miss Lisa has been out of the room on Tuesday and Wednesday doing our VPK Assessments and I can say my students have done FANTASTIC on the assessment! I am SO proud of them and the progress that has been made!  I will be sharing the results in the coming week.

We are reading about cookies this week. We started off reading “Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar”. We then read other cookie books including “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie” and “How Do Dinosaurs Eat Cookies”. We took a vote on our favorite cookies and graphed the results together. On Thursday we will have a taste test to see if our favorite cookie changes.

Next Thursday, February 7 is our 100th day of school celebration! We will have a fun-fille day of celebrating that we are 100 days smarter! A letter will go home early next week explaining what our day will look like. I know the kids are excited for this day and so am I!


This Sunday, February 3rd, we will be having a special Open House! Come check out a fun science show by Mr. Greg and get a chance to check out other classrooms in our pre-school. Bring a friend who may be interested in our school and be entered in to a raffle to win a science goodie-basket. We all know how great our school is, so let’s show it off to our friends who may want to send their children to our school!

Next Friday, February 8, is our Shoobie Doobie Shabbat! We would LOVE for all family and friends to join us on this special day! This shabbat will only be VPK classes and our families and friends. Please try and join us! We would love to have you!

Todah Robah!

Miss Lisa