We Play on a Rainy Day

Good afternoon Tzeeporim families and friends!

We enjoyed spending time together after an entire week of out of school for Hurricane Irma. Interestingly, we were able to really delve into the concept of weather because our theme for the week focused on the weather, particularly rainy weather.

The hurricane became a launching point to discuss various types of weather and the water cycle as a whole.  We watched a Water Cycle video clip that explained how rain is created and where it comes from. We learned the words evaporation and precipitation. We discussed that sometimes precipitation is rain, but other times it may be sleet, snow, or hail.

During Storytime, we read our book of the week, We Play on a Rainy Day by Angela Shelf Medearis. We discussed the difference between the things we can do outside in the sunshine, versus what we can do outside in the rain. We also read a big book titled Drip, Drop by Sharon Gordon. This gave us the opportunity to discuss what types of clothing are ideal to protect us in inclement weather. As we progressed through the book, we talked about whether the characters in the story would or would not be protected from the rainy weather. The students made fantastic predictions based on the clues in the text!

As an Art project, we created “Rainy Day” self-portraits which depicted each of us standing in the rain holding an umbrella. Umbrella was one of our vocabulary words for the week. We colored our umbrellas, drew pictures of ourselves, and then used blue paint in a spray bottle to mimic the appearance of rain on the paper.

Our color of the week was BLUE. We made a list of things that are blue, such as blue whales, the sky, and the color of some friends’ eyes. We played with blue playdough.

Our shape of the week was a triangle. We used our hands to make triangles.

We used triangle shaped Magna-tiles to create structures and other shapes.

We did a collaborative triangle art piece and we had the opportunity to add our own triangles to the project. Some of us made triangle patterns. Others used triangles to make the ears on a cat.

In Music, we played different instruments, like bells, rhythm sticks, or shaky eggs and created a song together. Ms. Emily taught us to keep rhythm using the beat 1-2-3-4. We also had fun doing a movement activity with colorful scarves while listening to “The Goldfish Song” by The Laurie Berkner Band.

We enjoyed a special Mystery Reader who read one of our favorite stories to us, The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak. It is the silliest, funniest book and we were all guffawing at the hilarity of each and every word.

We enjoyed our first All Preschool Shabbat of the year, along with our Doobonim, Kofim, and Parparim friends. We did a great job setting an example for our younger friends, and our ema and aba did a wonderful job! We were also so thrilled about all of the special guests who joined us.

We wrapped up the week by enjoying Show and Tell with our friends. Everyone brought in something BLUE to share with the class. We saw a blue helicopter, a blue dragon, a blue dinosaur, a blue ball, a blue frog, a blue remote controlled spider, a doll with blue hair, a blue Elsa figurine, a blue Branch from Trolls, and so many more. It was fun seeing the creative blue items our friends brought to share with us.

We had so much fun learning about the weather and can’t wait for school tomorrow when we begin preparing for Rosh Hashanah.

Todah rabah,

Ms. Alicia and Ms. Carolyn