Week At a Glace: 1/7/2013

Good evening!

Tzeeporim 2 had a great first week together! We learned a lot and got to know each other. I am lucky for such a great group of kids! This past week we have practiced writing our names, learning the sounds a letter makes, and reviewed our shapes!

This upcoming week we will read “If you Take a Mouse to School” and other first day of school books! We had science with Mr. Greg on Monday, and got to make our own helicopters! We also will do some fun science experiments and practice counting from 0-20.

Our Ema last week was Lily and our Aba last week was Joshua.

This week our Ema will be Kagan and our Aba will be Elie.

Happy early birthday to Ely, who will be turning five on Thursday!

Here are a few pictures from our first week together! More picture will be posted this week! 🙂

Thank you!

Miss Lisa