Week at a Peek- February 18


Tzeeporim 2 has been very busy learning this week! Although we had Monday off because of Presidents Day, we started Tuesday being ready to learn and have fun while doing it!

This week we have been reading “Brush Your Teeth Please”. It is a fabulous pop-up book about animals brushing their teeth. At the end of the book all the animals are smiling because they have healthy, white teeth!

We are reading other books that deal with being healthy. Today we read “Ms. Fox’s Class Gets in Shape” and tomorrow we will read “Froggy Goes to the Doctor”. We have had discussion about what are some healthy things that we can do and what makes us smile like the animals in the book. We have also talked about healthy and non-healthy foods!

Yesterday, a tooth brushing chart was sent home in your child’s folder. This chart is completely optional but I am hoping it will get the children motivated to start brushing our teeth two times a day so that we can have bright smiles like the animals in the book!

Our focus letter this week is the letter “P”. We have brainstormed all of the “P” words we will think of and will complete a “P” craft as well!

We are starting to work on using positional words, such as up, down, besides, in front of, next to. This would be a great at home activity to do while you are spending time with your child. It’ll only take a few moments to discuss where an object is, such as a toy, with using positional words 🙂

We are working very hard on rhyming words and syllables. We are also working on recognizing the beginning of words and creating another word that sounds like it. Rhyming and beginning sounds can be very challenging for children. I am beginning to assess the students on this rhyming, beginning sounds, and letter sounds. I will send home the results of these assessments so that you can know how your child is progressing. 🙂 

Also, today I will be sending home the results of the VPK State Assessment scores that were done in January. Please let me know if you have any questions comments or concerns.


Tuesday: We missed P.E. with Coach Rebecca- she was sick 🙁 but, we made up for it by spending extra time outside and enjoying the beautiful weather!

Wednesday: We had Jewish Studies with Morah Miriam and Miss Rucha. We began to learn about Purim. We read two interactive stories and sang some of our favorite Purim songs!

Thursday: We will enjoy music with Miss Zina.

Friday: We will celebrate Shabbat. Hannah will be our Ema and Hank will be our Aba!

Afternoon resources:

Tuesday: We enjoyed some fun classroom games with Miss Melody and Miss Gabrie.

Wednesday: We will travel to the library to read a story with Ms. Hallett and color a picture to bring home.

Thursday: We will go see our favorite, Ms. Gutterman! We love going to art and making fun projects every week!

Friday: We will go to Mr. Sussman and sing Passover and Purim songs. We will also play our favorite, Freeze Dance! We LOVE music with Mr. Sussman. Friday also means that our 8th grade helpers get to come spend time with us in the afternoon. What better way to enjoy the start of Shabbat then with our beloved 8th graders whom we LOVE!

Important dates:

February 28- Preschool Shabbat Dinner 5-7 pm

March 9- Community University

March 16- Purim Carnival

March 17- Purim celebrated in the Preschool- Be sure to dress in a fun costume! 🙂

Take a look at our pictures from this week (I apologize for not having many pictures this week. With it being a short week we have not the opportunity to take many pictures- Check back later this week for more pictures 🙂 )

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

Thank you!

Miss Lisa 🙂