Week at a Peek- March 10-14, 2014

Good evening!

This week we have been learning all about sea turtles! Our focus book this week is “Carolina’s Story: Sea Turtles Get Sick, Too!”.  We have learned about sea turtles, where they live, how they are born, and made our own sea turtles!

We have read other books about turtles including “Turtle’s Penguin Day”,  “Sea Turtles”, Where Should Turtle Be?”, and “Franklin’s Neighborhood”.

The students have really enjoyed this book with all of the real life pictures that are in it! This week we have continued to practice labeling our pictures by drawing our favorite part of the book. We have had discussions about who takes care of us when we are sick (like Carolina, who had the turtle flu!) and how we think Carolina felt like when she was getting taken care of by the doctors.

We have learned two new vocabulary words this week- non-fiction and habitat. We have also reviewed the words: job, measurement, pretend, and zero. We have played different games that allow us to have fun while learning new vocabulary!

We have been reviewing our letters and letter sounds. We have also been practicing on where a sound is in a letter- beginning, middle, or end and being able to break apart a word into “two parts” (such as nose- /n/-ose). These are some very hard concepts for children to grasp, but they will get it before Kindergarten! This is definitely something to practice at home, if you would like ideas or games to play with these concepts please e-mail me. Also, please remember that practice makes perfect… This saying is especially true with handwriting. I have sent home practice letter sheets in your child’s folder. This are of course, completely optional, but it will only help to do these with your child and give them as much practice at home as they can get.

During math and science this week we have discussed what animals come out of eggs, how to determine what is heavy and what is not, and how to properly take care of pets. We will also discuss more about habitats and discuss what animals live in what habitats.

This week has also been filled with preparing for Purim! Please remember that we are celebrating Purim in the preschool on Monday, March 17. This is a different date then the Day School 🙂

Resources this week:

During Jewish Studies this week we continued to sing songs about Purim and we were also introduced to Passover. It is always great to see how much the children retained from last year and how much they love singing holiday songs with Morah Miriam and Miss Rucha!

Miss Marla joined us for P.E. and had some fun toys out for us to play with! We got to practice our soccer skills and jumping skills! Wow, do we have some great soccer players in our class!

We also got to see our buddies on Wednesday! We got to make groggers together and spend time talking and laughing with all of our friends :).

We will end our week with Music with Miss Zina and celebrating Shabbat with our friends. This Shabbat is Parparim’s Shoobee Doobee, so it will be a slightly different Shabbat than normal. Our Ema this week will be Hannah and our Aba this week will be Levi. Feel free to join us for Shabbat at 10 AM 🙂

Our afternoon has been filled with enjoying the beautiful weather and seeing our favorite Day School  resource teachers. We have enjoyed seeing Coach and playing outside with him. We have also heard “Why Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothes” from Ms. Hallet!

Important Dates:

Tomorrow, March 13, we will be making Hamentashen! Feel free to join us at 9:15 for some holiday cooking! A big thank you to the parents who will be there to help us making some yummy treats!

March 16-Purim Carnival

March 17- Purim celebrated in the preschool- Don’t forget to dress up! 🙂

What to look forward to next week:

Next week we will begin our week celebrating Purim. Our Focus Book of the week will be “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”. We will create fun crafts based on the book and enjoy hearing other books writing by Eric Carle.  We will review the letter M and work on hearing where the sounds are in a word- beginning, middle, or end. We will also work on breaking words into two parts and deleting sounds from words.


Take a look at our pictures from week:

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Thank you!

Miss Lisa 🙂