Week at a Peek- March 17, 2014

Good evening!

This week VPK 2 has been reading Eric Carle books. Our focus book this week was one of our favorites, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”! We started our week by making our own caterpillars out of egg cartons. We continued our week by doing other caterpillar crafts such as making caterpillars out of our thumb prints and coloring butterflies by numbers (Miss Lisa snuck in some number recognition in a craft! 😉 )

We also got the opportunity to read other Eric Carle books such as “The Very Lonely Firefly” and “Friends”.

This week we have been focusing on the letter “M”. The students surprised me with how many “M” words they came up with! We also practiced our new vocabulary of beginning, middle, and end with finding where the /m/ sound was in a word!

We also reviewed our letters that we have been working on and recognizing upper and lower case letters.

Tzeeporim 2 was introduced to a new term this week, “word families”. We played a learning game with recognizing word families and making the connection that work families are a funny name for rhyming words!

We worked on drawing and labeling our pictures with different tasks based on our Focus Book. The students created a list of foods that the caterpillar may eat and added their own illustrations. We also made the connection of how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly over time to how we started out as a baby and grew into the five year old that they are today! The students had to draw a picture of themselves as a baby and then a picture of themselves today. If you haven’t already check out the pictures on the board outside of the room. They did some great drawings : ).

During Math, Science, and Social Studies we have been working on discussing our environment and what we do to keep it clean. We also talked about the habitat that caterpillars would like to live in and where a butterfly may chose to live after it comes out of the cocoon.  We have also discussed the number zero and what it means to have “zero” things.  We will get to watch a video of a butterfly and getting to see the process of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly!



We started our week by celebrating Purim with the entire preschool. The kids loved dressing up and seeing what costumes their friends had on! We had a great time singing our favorite songs and getting to even put our selves in the Megillah to tell the story!

We continued our week by having PE with Coach Marla and practicing our soccer skills!

On Wednesday we got to start practicing for our Passover Seder with Morah Rachel, Morah Miriam, and Miss Rucha. Our friends from Miss Ashley’s class got to join us. The students were so excited to get their special parts and start practicing! More information about this Seder will be sent home soon  : ) .

This week we also got to celebrate a friends birthday! Levi turned five on Tuesday. Thank you to Levi’s parents for the yummy treats and for letting us celebrate Levi’s special day with him! : )

Important Dates:

On Friday, March 21, we will have Rabbi Tilman, the second Rabbi candidate, will be visiting us to lead us in our Shabbat service. Feel free to join us at 10 AM for this extra special Shabbat!


Next week we will continue to work on word families. We will also work on breaking words into two parts and segmenting words. Our Focus Book will be “Who is the Beast”. This book deals with finding out who the beast is in the jungle. With this book the class will also get to read other books about jungle animals and create fun crafts to go with it 🙂 .


Next week I will also be sending home a new reading log to complete with your child. Please remember that one of the biggest factors of having your child be a successful reader is to read together for at least ten minutes, per night. The log is to simply encourage your child to bring it back in to add stickers to their name and to earn a special treat at the end of the year : )


Take a look at our photos from this week:

photo 1 photo 2 photo 1 copy photo 2 copy photo 3 copy photo 3 photo 4 photo 5


Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

As always thank you for sending your little ones to me and letting me see them grow through out the year and become (almost) little Kindergartners!

Todah Robah,

Miss Lisa : )