Week at a Peek- March 5, 2014

Good evening and Happy March!

This week our class has been reading “The Farm Concert” and diving into learning all about farm animals!

We started our week by reading “The Farm Concert” by Joy Cowley. This book was about a farmer who couldn’t sleep because the animals were on his farm were being too loud. We got to practice measuring with making the sounds big and little animals make.

We continued our week by reading other farm books including, “Down on the Farm”, “The Noisy Farm”, and “Farm Flu”.

This week we have been practicing making lists and labeling pictures with farm animals. We even go to draw a picture of a farm animal and draw a different farm animals sound next to it…now that would be a crazy farm!

The letter of the week that we will be learning about the next two weeks will be the letter O. Although all the students are familiar with the letter O, it can be a hard letter to recognize the sound of this letter because it is a vowel.

In math, we have continued to focus on positional words such as above, beside, and under.


The iPads have been brought into our classroom this week! This has been a very exciting to all of the students. Two students a day will get the opportunity to work on the iPads during free center time. The students will be put on the ABCMouse app. This is a great app that has games dealing with math, reading, puzzles, and basic skills such as numbers and letters.


Cummer Field Trip: This week on March 5 we got to travel on our first field trip of the year- to the Cummer Museum! We were lucky enough to have Ms. Sylvia, who works with Doobonim, to help set up this field trip. We began our day by getting on a school bus- for most of the kids this was their first time on a school bus! We had a great day at the museum. We got to make two art projects, play in the hands on lounge, and look at the gardens and art work. It was a wonderful day and all the kids had a blast and we were all exhausted when we got back (so we know that is a good sign! 🙂 )

A HUGE thank you to Levi’s mom for joining us for this fieldtrip! The kids loved having you there and you were a great help!!


Resources this week-

Monday- We began our week with Ms. Nancy by making our own robot! If you haven’t seen our class robot, take a look in the science center in our classroom :).  We continued our Monday with Morah Rachel and Miss Rucha by practicing more Purim songs. The kids are all getting so excited about Purim in a few weeks!

Tuesday- We didn’t have PE this week L but, we did get to run around the indoor playroom and have a great time while doing it!

Wednesday- due to our field trip, we missed Jewish Studies with Morah Miriam.

Thursday we will enjoy Music with Miss Zina and Friday we will celebrate Shabbat. Our Ema this week will be Hannah and our Aba this week will be Itamar.


Afternoon Resources:

Monday- we got to enjoy the beautiful weather outside and play games with Coach Goldman.

Tuesday- we did some great indoor activities with Miss Gabrie and Miss Michelle.

Wednesday- we enjoyed library with Miss Karin. We read “The Mixed Up Chameleon” and colored a picture to go along with this colorful book!

On Thursday we will get to visit Miss Gutterman and we will end our week by celebrating Shabbat and singing our favorite songs with Mr. Sussman.


Important Dates:

March 7- One of the Rabbi candidates will be spending Shabbat with our preschoolers. Feel free to join us for this special Shabbat and meet Rabbi Crane and his family! Shabbat will begin at 10 AM 🙂

March 9- Community University 9-12. This is a wonderful day for the entire Jewish community to gather together for a day of learning. This day is for both the students and their families!

March 12- VPK Buddy Visit- 9 AM

March 14- Parparim Shoobee Doobee-Please note that on the calendar it stated it was VPK’s Shoobee Doobee Shabbat- this was a mistake it is Parparim’s Shoobee Doobee 🙂

March 16- Purim Carnival

March 17- Purim celebrated in the preschool. This is a day for your child to dress up and enjoy celebrating this fun holiday!


Take a look at some picture of our week:

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Thank you!

Miss Lisa 🙂