Welcome Back!- April 24, 2014

Good evening! I hope that you and your family had a wonderful Spring Break and a restful Passover. The kids were all SO excited to see each other and to be able to tell all about the fun breaks that they had! It truly showed how we have such a strong classroom family that we have formed over this year! It is hard to believe that we only have a few more months of our year together before your little ones are off to Kindergarten!

Due to this week being a short week, we will continue reading our Focus Book from last week, “The Baby BeeBee Bird”, and learning all about zoo animals! We will label our pictures and dictate a sentence about our pictures. We also will practice writing words from the Word Wall and work on using our vocabulary words in sentences. We will finish our art projects from last week and learn more about what it means to litter and how to keep our environment clean.

Today, we discussed what we need to be strong- food, water, and sleep! We had a great, student-led discussion about what animals need to be strong and how all animals, including humans, need food, water, and sleep! What a great discussion this was- the students truly impressed Ms. Gabrie and myself about their knowledge of animals and discussing the similarities and differences of animals and ourselves. The students were also introduced to the “ake” word family. We practice blending the words and reading the words together… I’m telling you- we have some BRIGHT future Kindergartners on our hands! 😉 🙂

Although we will not be able to enjoy all of our resources this week, we still will be able to visit with Morah Miriam, Morah Rachel, and Miss Rucha for Jewish Studies and to see Miss Zina on Thursday for Music. This Friday for Shabbat Julia will be our Ema and Danny will be our Aba! As always, feel free to join us at 10 AM to celebrate Shabbat with the Parparim and VPK classes!

During the afternoon, we were able to visit with Ms. Hallett and listen to a story about boats and color our own picture of a boat! On Thursday we will visit with Ms. Gutterman for art and on Friday we will get to see Mr. Sussman to bring in Shabbat with music, fun, and friends. What a great week we will be able to enjoy!

Important Dates:

Please be sure to check your child’s folder. A permission slip for the Diamond D Ranch field trip was sent home today.

The field trip will take place on May 6th. We will be riding in a school bus and the field trip will run until 1:30 pm. Chaperones are needed so please be sure to let me know if you would like to be a chaperone (Please note: the bus has a limited amount of seats. So chaperones are on a first come, first serve basis 🙂 )

May 9- Please join us for our Mother’s Day Shabbat.More information will be sent home soon about this special Shabbat service! 🙂

May 23- Parent/ Teacher conference day. Please look for a conference sign-up sheet that will be posted on the door within the next few days. If you have another child in the school, please let me know the times of the other conference(s) and I will do my best to accommodate your schedule. Please note: there will be no school on this day. Kid’s Club will be available during the conference, and will be available all day, with a reservation 🙂 .

As always,  thank you for all that you do and for sending your wonderful little ones to me everyday! We will have a great remainder of VPK together and I look forward to enjoying more fun, learning, and growing together!

Todah Robah,

Miss Lisa 🙂