Welcome Tzeeporim

Good evening!

Ms. Carolyn and I were so thrilled to meet your wonderful children at Meet & Greet last Friday, and we are so excited for the upcoming school year. Each week, we will share details and post pictures of our week in VPK, so you can have a glimpse into our classroom and school.

Our book of the week for the first week of school is Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes, so during Meet & Greet, students had the opportunity to color in their very own “school shoes.” After coloring in their school shoes, students were able to play in the classroom and explore all of the centers.

IMG_3825 IMG_3823 IMG_3821 IMG_3808 IMG_3807 IMG_3806 IMG_3803

We were so happy to welcome everyone back for our first day of VPK yesterday and we had a fantastic day together. We began the day practicing our morning routine, which is posted at the entrance to the classroom. Students began by dropping off their backpacks, putting their take home folders in the folder bin, washing their hands, completing the question of the day, and getting started on their morning activity. Our morning activity was completing a first day of school coloring page.

After practicing our morning routine, we had circle time. We learned a song called the “Friend Song” and practiced clapping the syllables in everyone’s name. Some of our friends had one syllable in their name, some had two or three, and some even had FOUR!


After circle time, we had snack and then Ms. Carolyn introduced centers. Students had fun exploring the letter center, writing center, and block center. During story time, we read our book of the week, Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes. Students listened to clues and were able to make predictions about all of the places Pete the Cat visited in his school, like the library and the lunchroom.

We went to Jewish Studies with Morah Rachel and Morah Miriam. We met a new friend, a monkey named Kofi. We were all thrilled to meet him, and we learned two Hebrew phrases. We learned that “boker tov” means good morning, and “shalom” means hello, goodbye, and peace.


Following Jewish Studies, we went outside on the playground for recess and got to see so many of our friends from Parparim. We came back inside, and spent time doing some emergent writing. We each drew a self-portrait and practiced writing our name. We will do this several times throughout the school year so you can our growth and development.

After writing, Ms. Amanda came to our room to discuss all of the exciting science and gardening activities we are going to do this year. Ms. Amanda let us know that it will be important to come to school in clothes that can get dirty on Thursdays, because we will be doing a lot of digging in the garden!

Before we went to lunch, we spent time doing some gross motor activities as a group. We did the hokey pokey together, and even got to do two gross motor activities on Go Noodle. Thank you for sending in kosher, dairy, and nut-free lunches today with your kids or for purchasing delicious hot lunches from Margo’s Catering. Our class used great manners today during lunch!

Take a look at the fantastic first day of school pictures Ms. Carolyn took of us in our tzeeporim (bird) houses. We will be taking similar pictures on the 100th day of school, and then on the last day of school so you can see how much we grow this year.


IMG_3970 IMG_3968 IMG_3967 IMG_3964 IMG_3960 IMG_3957 IMG_3955 IMG_3950 IMG_3948IMG_3953


Please do not hesitate to email us if you have any questions or concerns at arauchwarger@dubowpreschool.org. We can’t wait to watch your children learn and grow this school year!

Todah rabah,

Ms. Alicia and Ms. Carolyn