We’re Moving Up…to Kindergarten!


It has come to that time for the last blog post of the year. I cannot thank you enough for allowing Ms. Garbie and myself the opportunity to work with your wonderful children. They are an outstanding bunch and I know that they will all succeed in Kindergarten.

I look forward to watching them grow and peeking my head in during Kindergarten next year, which I definitely will be doing! 🙂 If they are not attending the Day School, please keep in touch. Your little ones have formed a classroom family, and I include Ms. Gabrie and myself in that family. Also, I know that the students would love to keep in touch with each other over summer and through out the years, especially if they are attending a school outside of MJGDS. (If you are not attending MJGDS please do not forget that the Galinsky Academy has a WONDERFUL Sunday School program for Kitah Gan (Kindergarten). This is a great opportunity to keep Judaism and Jewish Studies in your children’s lives. It is on Sundays from 9-12, and from attending Sunday School (before attending MJGDS) and having the opportunity to teach in it, I can tell you how wonderful this program is. I know that many of you may feel Kindergarten will be over-whelming and you do not want to add something else on your child’s schedule, but please take a moment to talk to Ms. Lois Tompkins and she will ease your mind on the program and how wonderful it will be for your child 🙂 )

The VPKers did such a GREAT job at our Moving Up Ceremony! I received many compliments on how wonderful they did and how well behaved they were on stage. Not to mention,  how cute their performance was!

Below you will find some special pictures from the last week of school.

Again, thank you for allowing me to work with your little ones and I will truly miss them. I hope you all have a wonderful summer, and remember- it’s not goodbye, its see you later 🙂

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Todah Robah!

Miss Lisa  : )