What a wonderful week!-October 7- 11, 2013


What a wonderful week we had together last week. Our week started out with a great class with Mr. Greg. We got to use our “super powers” and test out some “super” machines. We even got to wear capes so that we really got in the super hero mode! Our morning continued to Jewish Studies with Morah Rachel where we learned about Abraham and Sarah. The students loved the song about Sarah laughing when she found out she was having a baby- HA HA HA! (I bet some of you have heard that around the house this week!) We read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom and had fun with the activities during center time!

Tuesday we started our rainy day with P.E. with Coach Rebecca- THANK GOODNESS! Coach Rebecca helped shake our sillies out and we got some good exercise in! Our day continued with learning about how to make pictures out of shapes during center times. This is a VERY hard concept, but, the students WILL get it! Their answers of what shapes they used for their pictures will change from “lines” to actual shapes. We also got ready for Open House and drew a picture for their parents.

THANK YOU to all the parents who came out for Open House! It was greatly appreciated and I am glad to have gotten the chance to talk with all of you. The students loved their “special notes” that greeted them through out the week when they walked to their cubby!

Wednesday we had our first VPK buddy visit! Please look for pictures on the MJGDS web page. The children had a WONDERFUL time meeting with their buddy and getting to know each other!

During Jewish Studies on Wednesday, Morah Miriam and Miss Rucha dressed up as Abraham and Sarah. The students got to visit their tent, receive a special treat, and got to wash their feet- just like Abraham would have done for his guests!

We were SO excited for SUNNY weather on Thursday! We couldn’t help but spend as much time as possible outside. While we were outside, two of our friends found a HUMONGOUS caterpillar! We decided to use a butterfly house and make a habitat for it to live in our classroom. The students were so excited to look at it and to brainstorm about names. On Friday when we got in, we came in to a huge surprise! Our caterpillar friend had made himself a cocoon! Now we are patiently waiting to see rather our caterpillar friend turns into a moth or a butterfly! Hopefully the next two weeks fly by and we can set our class pet back into nature!

Friday was not only exciting because of our caterpillar friend, we also got to celebrate our first birthday of VPK! Hank turned 5 on Friday! We were all so excited! We celebrated Shabbat and Hank’s birthday with Challah, apple juice, and the yummy cupcakes that Hank’s mom brought in! It was a great day!

Important reminders:

TOMORROW- Monday, October 14- Super Hero Dress Up Day!

October 21- Vision Screening- PLEASE send back in the form regarding this day that was sent home in your child’s Daily Folder.

November 1- Parent/ Teacher Conference Day. Please send back in the note regarding the time of your conference. I will do my best to accommodate your needs as best as I can.

*If you have not sent in the $8 for your child’s Handwriting Without Tears Book please send it in by October 18*


We have 3 more birthdays this month!

Julia- October 13

Hannah- October 19

Aaron- October 27

We LOVE celebrated birthdays, but PLEASE make sure to let me know if you are planning on bringing in a treat. Please make sure that these treats are Kosher- Dairy, and NUT FREE.

Take a look at a few of our pictures from this week!







Thank you!

Miss Lisa and Miss Gabrie