Who Built the Ark? Noah! Noah!

Good morning Tzeeporim families and friends!

We enjoyed a full week together learning all about the parsha of Noah and the Ark! We started off the week focusing on the letter N. We traced the letter N, made the letter N with playdough, and worked in small groups on phonemic awareness to see if we could differentiate between words that begin with the /n/ sound and those that do not.

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20161102_104003We added the letter N to our ABC books. We turned our page into the night sky, and added a moon and stars. We then practiced writing the word night on our page.

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We had five vocabulary words that related to the portion of Noah this week. The words were ark, animals, flood, dove, and rainbow. We practiced spelling the words with magnetic letters.

20161031_095030 20161101_091357

We learned that an ark is a very, very big boat. We drew our own arks, and added pairs of animals to our arks using animal stickers.



We read several different books about Noah. When we read Noah’s Ark by Susan Collins Thoms, we practiced performing the action words in the text such as hopping, flying, leaping, and dozing.


We read Noah’s Bed by James Coplestone and Jim Coplestone. After reading, we took turns acting out the animals that were in the text such as lions, kangaroos, and cats.


On Tuesday, we were so excited to reach the 40th day of school. We counted all the way to 40, and made a connection between the story of Noah and the number 40. When we realized how long it takes to count to 40, we thought about how long it was for Noah to spend 40 days and 40 nights aboard the ark!

20161101_092551We played Animal Bingo, and used clues about each animal to guess which one Ms. Alicia pulled out of the bag. When we got 4 horizontally or 4 vertically, we shouted out “NOAH!”

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In Jewish Studies, we learned more about Noah’s Ark. On Monday, with Morah Rachel, she showed us how to roll the Torah to parsha Noach. Then, she read the story of Noah to us with fun finger puppets.

20161031_101500 20161031_101555 20161031_102144On Wednesday with Morah Miriam, we learned about Noah building the ark, and Morah Miriam helped us to build an edible ark. We really enjoyed eating it!

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In Science with Ms. Amanda, we learned about darkness and light as an extension activity to parsha Bereishit from last Shabbat. We used flashlights to make shadow boxes come to life and tell stories. We used light boxes covered with sand to made designs.

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In P.E. with Ms. Jackie, we spend a final week learning about basketball. We did dribbling and shooting drills, and continued to work on our coordination and gross motor skills.

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In Gardening with Ms. Amanda, she showed us all of the new vegetables and herbs growing in the garden, including kohlrabi, peppers, and dill. We took turns smelling the dill, and it smelled delicious! We also each got a dried flower bud and rubbed it between our fingers so the seeds were visible. We then planted and watered our flower seeds.

20161103_090309 20161103_090321 20161103_090429 20161103_090435 20161103_090608 20161103_091113 20161103_091221 20161103_091415In Music with Ms. Zina, we began preparing for the Thanksgiving Program by learning several Thanksgiving songs.

20161103_1101440Toward the latter part of the week, we focused on rainbows and colors. We read our Weekly Readers and learned about the colors of fall leaves.

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We made rainbow watercolor relief paintings, and tried to draw the colors of the rainbow in order.

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We did a science experiment in our class that related to color mixing. We placed seven clear cups on the table and filled four of them with water. Then, we put red food coloring in the first and last cups. We put yellow food coloring in the third cup, and blue food coloring in the fifth cup. We used folded paper towels to connect all seven cups, and then each student made a prediction about what would happen next.

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The next day, we came in and were able to see if our predictions were correct. Most of us knew that the colors would mix and we would have a rainbow, but it was still very exciting to see the results of our experiment!

11 12

On Friday, we made rainbow necklaces with beads. This activity gave us the opportunity to refine our fine motor skills, and also work with patterns which is an important math skill. Some students came up with really unique patterns for their necklaces. All of the necklaces were beautiful and colorful!

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We took turns adding our vocabulary words to our interactive word wall. We have amassed quite a collection of words so far that we will continue to reference and revisit throughout the school year.

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Our Mystery Reader read a Wild Kratts book to read about ANIMALS.


We enjoyed welcoming Shabbat both in our classroom with our Shabbat play set, and in our synagogue with our Parparim and Tzeeporim friends.

1-shabbat-playcenter 2-ema-and-aba4-standing-on-the-bimah


We culminated our week with Show and Tell. Everyone was asked to bring in something orange to share with the class. Orange was one of our vocabulary words last week, and it is one of the colors of the rainbow. Ms. Alicia brought a book about an orange fox called The Fox Walked Alone by Barbara Reid. The story was about a fox who walked to join all of the other animals on Noah’s Ark. One classmate was thinking about orange foxes as well- what a fun coincidence!


We were excited to learn more about orange balloons, pumpkins, basketballs, lions, Zuma, orange juice, and even pink bunnies who enjoy ORANGE carrots!


Last week was an exciting week in Tzeeporim, and we can’t wait to come together again this week to learn more about fall and Thanksgiving in preparation for our upcoming Thanksgiving program!

Todah rabah,

Ms. Alicia and Ms. Carolyn